Mess and clutter piles, oh my!

No matter how often you add home cleaning to your “To-Do” list, the same stack of mail ends up on the table (along with a pile of shoes in a corner and a trail of the day’s accessories around the house).

If you don’t keep a tight watch, it really seems like your home gravitates towards disorder. And when nothing seems to be a permanent fix, it’s really because you’re not fixing the true cause of the problem.

The key to harmonious household organization lies in your storage. But what’s an “on-the-go” household to do?

Step 1—Admit you have a problem…with clutter

When you come home from a rigorous day at work, what’s the first thing you do? Check the mail? Throw down your briefcase or purse filled with documents? Stop for a moment each day and organize your pile. Make a conscious effort to sort out what you truly do and don’t need. Then, figure out which room that stack belongs in.

It’s okay to keep those take-out pamphlets by the phone! Just remember to stow them in a basket or cubby. Cue the hall tree—an amazing combination area that allows a place for shoes, jackets, extra papers and knick-knacks.

If the all-in-one hall trees are a little large for your living space, invest in a quality shoe or coat rack. Although once considered dated, in today’s world they are perfect for the grab-and-go lifestyles. Modern designs create gorgeous talking points as an added bonus!

Step 2—Dig behind the scenes

Simply putting objects behind closed doors is (sadly) not going to help you out in the long run (see Exhibit B…your spice cabinet). Although it’s easy to toss pots and pans in a cabinet or shirts in your closet, when you need them most they are nowhere to be found. “Behind-the- scene” organizers will take your anxiety from a 10 to 1 during your daily routines.

When in need of a little inspiration, consult the always-amazing Container Store. Brands like Elfa offer a huge selection of organizers for every cabinet in the home. Take, for example, your kitchen—one of the most used rooms in your home. Reach-in pantries are an absolute lifesaver! They vary from large to smaller sizes, but always offer flexible storage solutions. Similar to reach-in pantries, closet systems take that same objective of organization to your clothes. They also come in a variety of styles.

Be sure to use all your available space! Just not in the form of a pile Door organizers are especially useful in the kitchen for dry goods, or in your bedroom or bathroom closet for accessories, makeup, and toiletries. Then, take things up a notch and organize your organizers! Linen drawer organizers make sure there is a spot for even your smallest of clothing articles.

Step 3—Hide out in plain sight!

For every item hidden away there’s some favorite little something primed for display, but you have no idea where it should go. Cue open organizers! What makes these organizers truly heaven-sent is that they allow you to display your treasures in a manner that’s pleasing to the eye. Even items like towels or toiletries that you would normally consider dull turn into a piece of art.

Circle back to that pile of papers staring you down on your entryway table. Why not embrace that space and install a floating desk? A modern twist on the foyer table, this mini-work space allows for you to get organized as soon as you walk in the door. They complement any living area by adding a professional polish. Now all your documents can sit comfortably to assist you instead of adding to another headache!

Door less cabinetry is another rising trend in households. To achieve this new look, invest in some neutral storage containers that you can personalize to you style. Although plastic units are dependable in the kitchen, wicker, metal and cloth bins bring added character to any space! With the correct fold, your spare blankets now look like a decorative living room item. Children’s toys can be enjoyed without fear of stepping on rouge Legos.

Don’t be scared. Just get started! There are only so many tomorrows.


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