Thinking outside the box to create a unique atmosphere and maximum functionality in every room.

Time to think outside the box when it comes to cabinets—more specifically, it’s time to think outside the kitchen!

Most people go to custom cabinetry craftsmen like Capozzi for their kitchen storage needs, but too often they overlook other areas. There’s a demand for storage in every room of your home. Why limit gorgeous cabinets to just one?

Follow us to the foyer

It’s been a long day and you’re tired, hungry, and totally “done” with carrying a million different bags, coats, etc. Depending on your home set-up, you probably have “that chair” or “that table” that bears the weight of all your day’s accessories. What if we told you that it’s possible to easily keep your furniture or foyer clear and tidy?

Cabinets in the foyer are like customizable cubbies and are especially convenient for families. Long and open-faced cabinets with varied inside shelving are the perfect solution. Tailor to your needs with hooks in the longer vertical sections to accommodate coats and backpacks. Add uniform and assorted-sized baskets to designate spaces for keys at the top section and shoes at the bottom.

Add on a few crafty label designs and voila, you’ve got an unfailing storage system to make sure your foyer stays open and inviting!

Make the living room livable again

You’ve made it past your foyer and into the living room all in one piece, with your keys, shoes, and coat safely stored away in your foyer cabinets. Nestle down on your sofa and reward yourself by catching up on some much needed Netflix.

But only for a few minutes, of course, because your kids or partner will get home soon. It was fun while it lasted. At least you can rest easy knowing that the PlayStation and accompanying games are stored neatly in your home entertainment cabinetry. The looming threat of a giant afternoon mess simply evaporated when everything was made easily accessible. Entertainment in today’s world varies, but thankfully custom cabinets make a perfect fit in your living area.

You can store away gaming systems, sound systems, and other electronics behind closed cabinet doors while keeping your library collection and special trinkets on display with built-in and beautiful shelving. Adding built-ins around your fireplace not only clears up space, but presents a classic look that you’ll never get tired of looking at.

Accent the bedroom

There is one place in your home that is all your own, your safe space—your sanctuary, your bedroom. It’s the place where you can truly relax without any interruptions, and it needs to be kept clean and tranquil. Even in a magical place like this, mess still happens.

If any of your bedrooms are on the smaller side, cabinets are the perfect fit. Not only can they transform the look of the room, but they help to create an efficient space. Disguise the components of your morning routine in simple, sleek wall cabinets that frame your bed or closet. Your organization will pay off in the morning when you’re running around trying to get the day started.

Take a lesson from big city skyscrapers: if there isn’t room to expand outwards, try going vertical. Add cabinets under beds to store those extra blankets and pillows you just can’t seem to find space for. Under-bed storage adds a unique flair and is perfect for children’s or guest rooms. Built-ins can also be utilized to both display special mementos and to store away toys.

If your room is larger and has a few bare walls to spare, custom cabinets go a long way. You can convert any area into a home office or library with storage for important documents. Just add a desk area by a sunny window and you’re all set!

Break the cabinet bathroom norms

Most every home has some type of cabinet in their bathrooms. They are commonly found under the sink or behind a mirror. Although these are great uses for bathroom cabinetry, you can get more creative with your storage options!

Underneath your kitchen sink is a gold-mine of space for storage. A fun twist on the classic closed cabinet look is to take off the cabinet doors, too. You can organize your toiletries and items in wicker or wire baskets depending on the mood you’d like to set.

Have you ever tried (with no avail) to find a certain hair-brush or lotion in your thousands of bathroom cabinets? See-through containers might be the way to go. You’ll be able to find your items much faster without the hassle of checking every drawer five times. They are truly a lifesaver—and time saver—when it comes to storage.

Glass and plastic jars or boxes allow you to easily see the contents of the holder while also looking on-trend. Your bathrooms will look one hundred times more put together when even the Q-tips are creatively put on display.

If you’d prefer to opt for closed cabinetry, make sure to customize their interiors to suit your needs perfectly. Two-tiered pull-out shelving helps to separate your items while also easily working around any sink piping. You can also tuck unsightly trash-cans on a pull-out shelf or attach them to the inside of cabinet doors.

Not everything in your bathroom is meant for display. Install cabinets higher up on the wall to store cleaning supplies and other items you may not want your guests or children to get into.

Toast to your new cabinet home hacks

You’ve had yourself a day just re-imagining your home with helpful and trendy cabinet additions in almost every room. You deserve a special treat—maybe a glass of Merlot or some bourbon on the rocks?

Now imagine you go to a bar for drinks for the atmosphere…but what if you could bring that look into the comfort of your home? Use custom cabinetry to perfect a gorgeous home bar. Segment your cabinets to organize your different glasses, and display your best bottles with built-ins. You can even add features like a wine-cooler and sink to really step-up your game.

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to adding custom cabinetry to your home, because storage is always needed. When you’re ready to re-image your living space, give Capozzi a call. Our team of skilled craftsmen will help you to keep your home organized, livable, and timelessly stylish.


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