Why is kitchen remodeling important?

When you start thinking about what your style might be when considering a kitchen or a bathroom renovation, you’ll see that most often we can define a style as modern, classic, contemporary transitional, or farmhouse style (where we use a lot of black finishes). There’s a lot that goes into these different styles, and they’re not really pigeonholed. For instance, transitional style gives you tons of variety to work with. What you can do with this style depends on the architecture of your home. 

There are also different cabinet companies that we represent. We offer a wide spectrum of cabinet lines to choose from. What we look at is: would we put this product in our own home? As a company, we don’t represent anything that we wouldn’t put in our own home or stand behind, because we’re looking to make good, long-term relationships with our clients.

Let’s go over some of the companies we work with, so you can get an idea of our products:

Dura Supreme is a great semi-custom cabinet line. They have incredible finish technology and that’s super important in kitchens and baths. With all the chemicals in water, it’s important that the finish hold up to it because when something in your cabinet fails it’s typically because the finish has failed.

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Credit: Dura Supreme

Holiday Kitchens is another great line. They offer a great value for a great price point.

The Ayr provides beautiful furniture. Theirs are lifelong products that you can get years of enjoyment out of. They’re incredibly well-made and the selection is near-limitless. There are no skews with Ayr. They build what we draw, so the only limits to what we can create are the laws of physics themselves! Capozzi offers a wide and diverse selection of Ayr options. There’s such a wide range of what’s available out there, and a lot of it comes down to the fit and the finish of the cabinetry. We choose detailed and specialized cabinet lines because we want to stand behind them. There are many brands out there, and there are job shops that build cabinets, but we select these companies because we know they’ll be very long-lasting for our homeowners. They’re going to come with great warranties, too, though we’re not too concerned about failure. The number one thing you want to look at is the finish, and when you look at other manufacturers or you look at job shops, unfortunately, the finishing technology just isn’t there. Our partners do, which is why our products are so long-lasting.

Aster Cucine is an Italian kitchen brand. While the heart of what we represent is American, Aster Cucine has earned our trusted partnership through their gorgeous European styles. Their beautiful line of Italian cabinetry ranges from very traditional to very contemporary; clients who choose Aster Cucine are looking for something new and different for their homes. They may have lived in Europe for a long time, or maybe they visit on a regular basis. These are the people Aster Cucine is made for, and we are the only showroom between New York and Chicago to offer it. If you want something ultra-contemporary, Aster Cucine is our go-to brand. They’re an innovative brand in the Italian market, And they offer such a wide style of products, from contemporary to traditional.

Naturekast is another different and unique cabinetry line. We’re talking waterproof, outdoor cabinetry. Believe it or not, there are cabinets being made today inside and indoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens are a rising trend, and they’re perfect for the ultimate staycation. Since so many are staying home more these days, we’re seeing more and more people putting in outdoor kitchens. It’s exciting and something new. Also, If it’s done properly, you can use it for many months out of the year.

How much does kitchen remodeling cost?

People always want to know: what does it cost to remodel a kitchen? What is involved in transforming your space? Where does all of this money need to go? It’s important to have an understanding of what that looks like. The numbers we give you are based on national averages. But there is one specific detail that will drastically change those numbers for you, and we don’t think it’s mentioned enough when people are talking about their budgets. That’s the age of the home. Your home’s age is going to influence a lot when it comes to the installation. We do a lot of work in the Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights areas, and in these areas where we have these majestic, older homes approaching a hundred years of age, that installation cost could vary significantly, depending on whether we’re making structural changes to the house, among so many other variables. Say you’re working on your bathroom; the cabinet cost could be just 5% of the project while updating your plumping could take up 20-30% of that budget.

Another thing to keep in mind, especially with kitchen renovations, is whether you’re making changes to the footprint of the room. It’s easy enough to rip out the old cabinets and install new ones in their place, but what if you want to change the very shape of your kitchen? No doubt you’ll need to account for that in your budget as well. And sometimes, thanks to how the ways we use our spaces have changed over the years, changing the layout of your kitchen is crucial to the renovation, especially if your home is older. Even something as simple as storage needs have morphed drastically over the last couple of decades. But it’s definitely possible to take a space that is 20, 50, 100 years old and turn it into something more functional and livable for today’s lifestyles.

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Credit: Aster Cucine

How long does kitchen remodeling take?

When we look at what affects the cost of cabinets, there are a couple of things to talk about here. The first one is the door type. This is often one of the most confusing things for first-time clients who have never renovated before. They’ll browse the cabinetry and ask: ‘Why is this one so much more than another one?’ There are a lot of variables that go into door types. For instance, a flat panel, which is a quarter-inch veneer panel set into a frame, will be cheaper than a solid slab of real wood. The cabinet doors themselves are one of the leading price points for the cabinet lines. It can make a big difference. For instance, a slab door offers not only a great traditional or contemporary look, but it also saves homeowners a considerable amount that a slab can be made of a lot of different things. It could be a veneer, a solid slab of wood, or textured melamine, and each of these materials will affect the price. What people look for most in their slab doors is stability in high-humidity locations.

Let’s not forget about the type of cabinet construction, too. For cabinet construction, there are three main types: the face frame, frameless, and hybrid (kind of a combination of the two). Face frames are good for strength and structural integrity while giving the cabinet a picture-window look. The downside to this style is you have less overall interior space accessible to you. For more of that, frameless might be the right option, giving you more open-feeling cabinets. While frameless cabinets tend to be full overlay style (meaning the door closes over the entire frame or cabinet, you can also choose an inset style, where the door closes within the frame but is still flush with the cabinet. You can also choose full or partial overlays with framed cabinet doors, where they’ll cover all or half of the frame to which they’re attached. For tight budgets, a partial overlay is best. For storage maximization, a frameless cabinet with a full overlay will be the way to go.

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

There are two more important points to touch on, and the first is the finish. For years, we were doing a lot of white kitchens. White kitchens are still trendy, but we are seeing a shift back towards stained finishes. You can also do a glaze, which can provide some depth and change the look of the overall color. It’s amazing how something small like that can add so much. If you don’t like the look of stain or glaze, there are paint finishes as well, and many of our clients living in very traditional areas seem drawn to the look of a painted cabinet with a glaze rub-thru The glaze adds a whole other dimension to the paint, and even traditional or transitional spaces can pull it off if it’s done right. The type of finish you choose makes a very big difference in the final look of the cabinet and whether it fits your desired style. But part of it also comes down to the practicality and what works well for your family. Before making decisions on finishes, you have to ask questions like: ‘How are you going to live in the space?’ ‘Will it not only fit your style but also stand up to wear and tear?’

Another important point to consider is wood species. Hickory doors work great with lots of styles. Alder is characteristically knotted. Your stain will look different depending on the type of wood you use. Even a dark stain will look different between red oak and maple wood, not just because of the color of the wood, but also the knottiness of it, and the depth of the grain. Ultimately, it all leads back to your preference of style, but one more thing to keep in mind is that wood is a natural material. It comes in many variations, and there are even different grades, with different costs associated. Different cabinet lines will purchase different grades, too, so you can get all-wood cabinets from one cabinet line, then get the same all-wood cabinet from another line, and they could be completely different grades of wood. The grade will affect how the finish looks on it, so stand apart from the 90% of renovating homeowners who may not even know about wood grades and do your research to get the best look for your home at the best price for you.

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