Slipping on your plush robe, you glide across the spotless marble tiles and glance at your reflection in a perfectly-placed gold-accented mirror. Airy and open, the room seems to go on for miles with tiny pops of neutral colors peeking from behind your curated photos and art. As you look around, the jacuzzi tub, open shower, and light-filled views great you with an inviting warmth. You pluck a lavender bar of moisturizing soap from a wicker bin and ready yourself for the most relaxing, hour-long “me-time” you’ve had in weeks.

No—you’re not at an exotic spa, you’re in your own master bathroom.

Homeowners cherish the idea of their dream bathrooms, but reality and expectations rarely meet. A spa-inspired bathroom would be lovely, but with everyday functionality that becomes lost in transition.

Determining your own unique in-between design and function in a bathroom can be a challenge.

Thinking about bathroom functionality

The function of a space refers to the main purpose of each design feature and fixture serves. In the bathroom sphere, your sink serves as a cleaning and rinsing area; cabinetry as storage; and so on. We believe in taking this definition and evolving it to include each piece working together to accomplish a goal.

Yes, your bathroom sink is functional, but is it in an area that works well with the shower and closets?

By mapping out how each piece interacts within the space, we can better understand the choices you can make to get the most out of your bathroom. Functionality is like the outline of a great research paper: thoughtful and planed.

The aesthetic design of a space is where minds tend to wander when we hear “interior design.” But design revolves not just around pleasing the eye, but all the senses. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is also common universal design elements that bring a level of fulfillment. If something looks good, people easily fall in love.

In the past, interior remodels focused on either functionality or design. Each has their own pros and cons. Functionality provided ease of use and time saved, which was key in bathroom areas. Design, on the other hand, sometimes complicated routine but brought aesthetic joy. When the two meet, which is much more possible in today’s market, it is truly remarkable.

We’ve included just a few examples of each element and how they apply to sections of the bathroom space in today’s remodels. It’s with today’s makers and technologies that design and functionality can finally meet.

Bathroom Sinks

Delving deeper into the components of your bathroom’s sink area, options spring out just waiting to for customization. From sink basins to mirrors and cabinetry, the possibilities are endless.

For function, start by outlining your routine in the bathroom. Is it strictly to wash your hands, or also to brush your teeth, fix your makeup or style your hair? In the latter, you’ll need more of a vanity style that you can customize with cabinetry. If it’s more for washing hands, a simple basin and hand towel rack is perfect.

Shifting towards design, the sink is often an overlooked area that can actually become the statement piece of your bathroom. Be bold with hardware and get inspired by metallic tones other than the basic silver. Play around with the basin, too—anything from seashells to rustic stone is out in the world for you to discover!

And now, with both functionality and design in mind, how can you meet in the middle? Start by taking the idea that sinks have to be attached to the wall and wash it down the drain! You can place a free-standing vanity with a sink in the center of the room. Functionally, you are using every bit of space. Pair with a double-sided mirror and your room will look as if it just doubled in size. Customized with gorgeous, custom cabinetry, and all the parts integral to your daily routine have a new, more luxurious home!

Have no room for a detached vanity? You can combine modern and minimalist design by building usable storage surrounding the area instead, utilizing space both above and below. Take a page from city planning…if you can’t grow out, grow up!


Choosing lighting options for the bathroom space can be overwhelming at first. Normally, lighting is used to focus on certain aspects of the space, but in the bathroom every section requires a different glow.

For functionality, overhead lighting will provide ample light to all corners of the room. It will definitely get the job done for visibility! If you’re using your bathroom for no more than basic uses, this will usually be the best option.

But for design, layering is key. Combine wall sconces, pendants, and ambient sources. Imagine a gorgeous chandelier hanging overtop a rounded top, a look to rival any vacation retreat.

To combine functionality with design, combine pieces with multiple lighting elements. You can add lighting to your mirrors for a glow that helps you visually while adding a creative flair. Attach dimmers to your lights so you can transition from bright and defined to ambient, ready to relax at the snap of your fingers.

Bathroom Storage

Storage space is a must in every room, but especially in the bathroom. Extra supplies and items you don’t care to display each need a space.

Functionality and bathroom cabinetry go hand-in-hand. Extra towels and toiletries need a space, and a large vanity with built-ins will hide them away while storing them in a convenient spot. The interiors of any cabinetry can be customized to fit your needs exactly. What’s more, rolling shelves or skinny stacked options are often overlooked options that truly make the space your own!

Feel empowered to mix and match design elements to suit your bathroom’s mood. Would you prefer a European or traditional, U.S. framed cabinet? How about removing the face of the cabinet altogether? Cabinetry is an amazing combination of design and functionality in itself, and you can’t go wrong this addition to any bathroom.

At Capozzi Design Group, we pride ourselves in an outstanding combination of design and functionality when it comes to all spaces of your home. It’s a simple equation when you’ve been in the living space design industry as long as we have.

We’re not afraid to say what sets us apart from the rest when it comes to your trust. We’re happy to share our “secrets” and “hacks” with you as long as it means we can continue doing what we do best, and that’s helping you attain affordable luxury to enjoy your dream home. Give us a call today to talk more about design and functionality in the bathroom space!


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