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We represent different cabinet lines in our showroom. There are three companies we most utilize. We spend a lot of time taking a look at what manufacturers are out there. We also look at what they’re offering and the advantages.

Dura Supreme is a fabulous product on our product line. They have a great finish production line where they can create a finish on their product that would be as good as higher and custom lines.  They offer affordable price points and so many different styles, such as glazes, stains, and finishes. There’s a lot of variables to these techniques. They offer a wide variety of construction methods that can either have you save or spend a little bit of money. One of the great things about Dura Supreme is in our showroom wall along one side are several vignettes that highlight different wood species and finishes. You’ll find specialties that Dura Supreme has to offer. One of the unique perspectives is that they’re so on top of what’s coming. They are watching the trends, and they do an amazing job. They see what’s coming and really bring that to our company so we can bring that and extend it to the homeowners before most cabinet manufacturers do. Another great thing about Dura Supreme is there’s a wide range when it comes to construction. That means that you’ll find different price points available within Dura Supreme. It’s been a terrific line to work with, and so much we can do with it.

Capozzi Design GroupCredit: Dura Supreme

Holiday Kitchens is another great product line, which is also very customizable. They do a great job of bringing value to the product line so they can offer a lot of different styles and finishes. Yet they tend to be very competitive with their pricing.  We’ve done some interesting projects with Holiday Kitchens, such as a few custom contemporary laminates where the choices are virtually limitless.
There are different price points which we can hit. We’re here to educate our clients because we know this is a large investment you’re making for your home, especially if it’s a kitchen renovation. We want to make sure that you’re educated and have a true understanding, as well as given options. That’s one of the reasons why we offer these different lines because we don’t have a one size fits all mentality.
In a whole-house renovation, it would not be uncommon for us to incorporate all three lines or two of the three lines to get the job done. We might even use some custom buildings in the living room or laundry room. As Capozzi Design Group, we’ve done so much when it comes to those custom pieces. We are aware that you need to be informed about every detail of the whole process.

Ayr is an entirely different cabinet line. Ayr has the ability and flexibility to build exactly what we draw. That means we’re not modifying something to get to where we want to be. The creativity of what you want to achieve is limitless, and Ayr is a big support to achieve it. Still a family-owned company, they’re based outside of Chicago, and they serve the Chicago market. Our company is about as far East as they come. They put tremendous detail into the interior as well as the exterior of their work. It’s completely custom and a beautiful line to achieve exactly what you’re looking for in your home. It’s built from a craft mentality where everything goes from one person to another through different stations in their manufacturing. It’s truly furniture.

Capozzi Design GroupCredit: Ayr Custom Cabinetry

Aster Cucine is another beautiful line, and we love to work together. It’s an Italian cabinet line with pieces imported from Aster Cucine in Italy. If you’re looking for something truly contemporary or unique, classic to transitional, modern or contemporary, Aster Cucine is a beautiful line. You don’t have to travel to New York or to Chicago to have a one of a kind Italian kitchen. There are a lot of details that are just different when it comes to European kitchens. We do have Aster Cucine here on display in our showroom. We also make sure that we travel to New York and Chicago at least once and sometimes twice a year. We make it our goal to stay on top of what is coming from Europe.

We are traveling to see what we can bring to our clients. Not only are we looking at our cabinet manufacturers to bring us information like Dura Supreme, Holiday Kitchens, Ayr, and Aster Cucine, we’re also seeking that information out by seeing what else is in the larger community or the nation at large. We travel to these design meccas in the United States because we feel like there’s great value in it, and we can bring back information to better serve our clients here in Northeast Ohio. When we’re talking about the different styles from modern to classic, the Italian standpoint and their definition of modern is a little bit different than our definition. Their definition of contemporary is different and might be described as classic. Whether you’re going for a classic look or contemporary style or whatever best fits your situation, Aster Cucine would give you a product that will really set it apart from anything else that you see.

The last cabinet line is Naturekast. These are waterproof cabinetry. We’re seeing more and more when it comes to outdoor kitchens, even here in Northeast Ohio. Naturekast is true cabinetry for that. It’s made in Canada and truly made for you to be able to entertain. You’ll have outdoor cabinetry that will weather the elements even here when we don’t have a 70-degree day in November. It could be 30-degrees here, but this allows you to have outdoor cabinetry. It is a different experience than we’ve been able to have here. This really elevates and takes outdoor kitchens to a whole new level. If you’re not traveling this year and you’re staying put, this is a great product to really take things to the next level for any outdoor kitchen.

Where to start kitchen remodeling?

When people start to think about remodeling, they never know what it cost to renovate. All of us have watched HGTV. You may get the impression that a new kitchen is $10,000 and takes five days to complete for 30 minutes. We all know that it isn’t the reality. Thus, it is good to inform you about the remodeling budget so that you can prepare yourself for what is coming with the thought of remodeling. This is a nationwide study of costs and what’s involved in a remodeling budget.
It’s really wonderful to have dreams of your kitchen renovation, and a big part of that consideration needs to be what your budget is. We can have dreams, but we want to make sure they match reality. Yet, we can also think about how to make our dreams into reality. When you have the end result for your kitchen, bathroom renovation, or addition, you want to say ‘’Wow! I feel like I’ve invested the right amount for my situation, and I’m going to have a great return on my investment for a long, long time.’’ There are many reasons to go with a professional to work on your space but maximizing your budget is a different and important thing. There are so many different layers of costs when you’re going into renovating, and it is a big investment. We’re great at helping you work through all the different layers of cost to really achieve what you want and get what you want out of it. We don’t want you to be disappointed in the end because you had cost overruns, didn’t account for everything, or the cabinets weren’t what you were expecting. People come into our showroom who are not educated, they didn’t understand what they are getting, they were given a different price, or they trusted people and their expectations didn’t match the end results. It is complicated to go through the process especially if you do it on your own. If you’re working with someone who’s not a professional, things were likely going to get left out, left undone, going to be done incorrectly, or not done within your budget. The longer you’re in the business, you see a lot of things, and we see the importance of how detrimental it is to have one firm that can handle your project from beginning to end. When you get too many cooks in the kitchen, there are always issues. We have a cost breakdown for your budget, such as cabinetry, countertops, installation, lighting, and electrical. Also plumbing, flooring, backsplash, and others. For instance, If you’re working at home in Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Chagrin Falls, or other areas where the home is 75 years or older, things could really start to get skewed. Things also get skewed when you’re taking down walls or changing windows. This is what we call a pull and replace. A pull and replace is when you take out what you have and make it better within the footprint of what you already have. You won’t be moving appliances, making any major structural changes or mechanical changes. This is a really good guide for that.

How much does kitchen remodeling cost?

With all the details we mentioned, what is affecting the cost, and what are the major parts of the budgeting? The first thing we will explain is about the kitchen cabinets. There are so many different door types that you can go with, such as flat-panel, raised panel, slab mullions, and many more. They all lend to the different styles that we have. Whether you’re looking at something that’s classic or something contemporary, we will guide you through that. Within each one of those categories, there are more categories and many different options and variables. Even looking at that flat panel, raised panel, and slab, you can see that there are many variables, but these are some basic door types just to get you familiar with some basic terms. The cabinet construction is really important and the major part. Some products are a better price point than others, but it will come down to the different finishes and that’s driven by technology.  The finishes technology is out of reach for a small cabinet manufacturer to compete with the large manufacturers as far as the quality of the finishes that they produce.
There are some basic door types that you hear about often while you’re doing your research. Partial overlay, standard overlay, a half overlay, and partial inset are all different terms that are used but are not all equal. Every style has different price points. For example, if we go with the full overlay, it is more expensive than the half overlay. Because of the way, it is produced and the products that are used are different.

Kitchen Backsplash and Flooring

Another important part of your kitchen remodeling is backsplashes, flooring, and accessories. Benchmark Home Services is our company that handles these details. Benchmark Home Services is also Capozzi Design Company, and Benchmark does any home service. We are here to service you in your home for any small project, whether it is replacing a backslash, flooring, or accessories, to a full remodel, which any design-build project is a Capozzi project. All of our technicians and professionals that would be working in your home are Benchmark Home Service professionals. We are all one big family under one umbrella. If you take a look around you, you will see Benchmark Home Services trucks, vans, and yard signs. Benchmark Home Services was born out of request. We kept getting requests from clients when we would be working in their home on a large project, and they needed someone to complete tasks on their honey-do list. Within the homes that we work in, our clients have a lot of needs, and we have greatly skilled craftsmen that work for us. They are apart of our family. Opening our home services to our clients is an opportunity to serve them as no other company can. We’re here for small projects to large projects. People love it because once you’re in their home and they trust you, then it’s easier to call us back to help them with any small project that they might have.

How to remodel kitchen cabinets?

Creating a budget is the most important step of your remodeling project. What is a healthy budget? If there’s something that you want to do and you’re not sure of whether or not the budget you have is adequate for it, we can help. You might have many things that you want to do, and you want to budget over time or do it in phases. Developing that budget is incredibly important.
As a company, we find setting a timeline extremely crucial. You can do it directly through our website. We would set up a time to have a Zoom call with you. That’s where we try to get some more information and talk about what you’re looking for in a remodel. After we talk about budgeting, we move through to phase one, that’s when we talk about an appointment. Then we would move to phase two. In phase two, we will finalize your plan. We’ve worked through that phase of understanding what your needs are. We do take a design retainer, which we can talk about in person. It is important as we move from phase one to phase two that we know there’s truly a commitment on both of our parts to designing a project that fits your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Moving forward into confirming all of those plans, we confirm the project and sign off on all of the specifications. Most of it gets done in the showroom, but some of it will be done in your home. Once we have that sign off on phase two, where we have solidified all of our drawings, you will have all of your prices, and you know where we’re going. After that, we move to phase three, and we are focused on getting you to phase six, which is unpacked. To get you unpacked and enjoying your remodel, we have to go through the middle phases. In phase four and phase five, we want to make it as non-disruptive to your life as possible. We want to make the whole process as easy as it can be. There is a long time between ordering your cabinets and countertops to finally getting them installed. We work on building out a timeline and then work backward from that to get you into basics.

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