How to Create Your Budget for Kitchen Remodeling Project?

If you’re someone that lives in a home built before 1950, then there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to get that space up. When we remodel a space, we bring that space up to code. In the past, there wasn’t always insulate but we insulate now and the installation codes are different. What we do today is different from what we used to do. There are a lot of changes in the way that the construction industry has been held to a standard, and when we’re in a space we bring it up to the current standard. It’s important to know that there’s a lot that needs to happen on that basis before we talk about these kinds of fun things. But when we often work in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, Chagrin Falls, these older homes are on that base and are important to us to get to before we start doing these relatively decorative things. Some of the things that affect the costs will be talking about our kitchen cabinets and countertops. But this is general information to give you some guidelines on where these costs could fall. Every project is different, and some people tend to want to spend more in one place or another. A lot of that comes down to us educating you and having a good understanding of what it is that you’re looking to complete. Along with how we can best accomplish what your goals are.

The first thing that we need to start talking about is that we have some different door styles that should be considered. Oftentimes we are still seeing the flat panel, and the slab right now is the two most popular door styles. We’re seeing fewer raised panels. It’s been a while since we’ve done a raised panel door, and there are a lot of options when it comes to mullion or glass doors. So that door style is one consideration that will affect the cabinet cost. For instance, a raised panel is typically the most expensive because it is a full and at least three quarter inch piece of wood. There are options when it comes to flat panels and slab doors. Style names can be different, but the important thing is you should know that door style is something that does affect the cost.

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Cabinet construction is an area that a lot of companies can separate the product that they have. For example, a mass-produced cabinet that is a staple includes being put into a box and press versus a cabinet that has the mortise and tenon construction. There are a lot of details for cabinet construction, and we can help you with every step of it. In our showroom, we have a wall of cabinets where you can see the different types of constructions and it kind of help to educate our clients so that they can decide on what kind of cabinet they’re going to put in their home. With that education, they will have a better understanding of what it is and why they’re selecting that, and the advantages or disadvantages to it.

In terms of cabinet construction and styles, let’s touch upon the main styles that you can hear everywhere.

There is;

  • a partial overlay that you could see part of the frame. That is going to be less expensive than a full overlay or a frameless one.
  • The full overlay is a bit different.

This door will cover the entire width of the cabinet, and it’s a little cleaner. Often considered a little more modern, but there is a cost associated with that, and again we educate you. We want you to understand the difference. Sometimes people look at the two of these, and they really don’t see a difference, but when it comes to purchasing cabinets, you need to have an understanding so you can understand where the value is for your project.

How to Install Countertop

Finishes are another important part of your budget so let’s talk about finishes. We have;

  • stained finishes,
  • glaze,
  • paint finishes,
  • paint with a rub through and glaze.

The stain finish is going to be the least expensive because it’s basic wood stains. There’s more work involved when you get into a stain with the glaze, and there are even more steps involved in different products when you get into a painted finish or a painted with a glaze and a rub through which we’re seeing less and less. Now we do a lot of paint finishes, we do a lot of stain finishes, and standing glaze is probably a little bit less. It is an important part of your selection process because you want to compliment your house and the style that you have with your furnishings and everything.

Wood species is the material fact that you need to know when you are considering the finishes. Wood species is important also for not only the style but the look of it. If you’re going to put a wood stain on something and if you look at the cherry or you look at the hickory where there’s a lot of color variation that’s going to come through regardless of what kind of stain or finish you have on it. There’s going to be that color variation, and that’s a natural aspect of those woods. It’s part of the style or the look that you’re wanting to achieve. For instance, maple is more of a clean palette so that it’s going to have a uniform look. It’s important to understand that these are all-natural woods, and wood is naturally occurring, so we expect to see these color differences. It’s not perfect, and it’s not meant to be perfect. It comes from nature just the way God intended it.

One thing that is important to talk about when it comes to wood is there are different grades of wood. There’s an A grade and there’s a B grade. For example,  if you’re looking at a new oak door, that’s an A grade. The B grade is less expensive and costs a lower price. The cabinets cost due to the quality of the wood, but that is part of the cost and consideration. There is a variety there because there are different products and there are different qualities.

In terms of countertops, there are granite and quartz composite. There are natural quartz and natural granite that’s been around for 30 years and now the engineered stone and the quartz composite is the most popular. There are other options out there as well, but a lot of the quartz composites have a cleaner palette and we’re seeing a lot of whites and grays as trend colors.  Also, the quartz has gone through a lot of changes not only in the quality of how true the product is as well. It’s coming from all over and there’s a lot to consider because it’s not all created the same.

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Kitchen Cabinet Accessories, Backsplashes, Flooring, and Handles

We have many options when it comes to backsplashes. We’re seeing a lot with luxury vinyl tile and flooring. There’s a lot of floors where we’re finishing the beautiful oak floor. Then a lot of the accessories we’re seeing are in black, matte black, and then gold.

Benchmark Home Services

We created Benchmark to serve our clients. Our clients were coming to us, and they had a lot of needs inside of their homes. They were looking for all different services, and we decided to create Benchmark Home Services to better serve our clients. We have every size of service. We work on replacing all the baseboards and casing and the interior doors and the Capozzi side a complete design-build solution where we’re going edition. We can cover a lot under our family between Benchmark Home Services and Capozzi Design Group. These refreshes can help elevate your space without spending $50,000 or more.

How Long Does Kitchen Remodeling Take?

What does the timeline look like when considering a renovation in your home?

Things are a little different today because there is a supply chain. It’s important to have an understanding that the materials that are there today may not be there tomorrow, and flexibility is important. Having an understanding that there are things that you do need to be flexible and different from is what we are used to. But it’s an amazing time to renovate because there are amazing products on the market. As well as more and more entering the market every day to change the way we live.

The cost today is only going to increase tomorrow. It’s true that there’s no better time to consider a renovation than now, and that does start by us working together to create a budget. We can help you with that. It’s important to get an understanding of the long-term investment for you. It’s very important to have an understanding of at least the starting point of what your thoughts are and what you’d like to see invested in the space. Once we talk through if you decide to work with us, we would sign a design agreement. We have on-staff designers and craftsmen, and we have the whole team here in-house to handle that project from conception all the way through to completion. We would face the finalizing of the plans and confirming the project. We have a beautiful showroom here in Chagrin Falls, which means we are a one-stop-shop. We have basically all the materials here. You should know that It’s important to have those conversations to get an education, to get an understanding, and to take time to think through it and finally work through it. Phase one is budgeting and having these great conversations, then signing a contract.

Phase two is where we’re making all of the selections. We’re making sure first and foremost that space is going to function for you, we do 3D design service. You’re really going to see everything. We use a great computer program and we get the closest possible on those materials so you can get a good view of everything that is available.

Next, we would go into the final sign-off on the documents and order all of the cabinetry, countertops, all the materials.

We then start the demolition, but the fun begins when we get to face to face. That’s where really demolition begins. Kitchen cabinet installation is where we’re getting in there and then when we first go. It doesn’t take us long to make a mess. It is a pleasant experience, and your house is not going to be disrupted. We’re sensitive to that and aware of that. We want to make a long-term relationship with the people that work with us.

As the next step, the countertop installation is always fun because when you get to the countertop installation all of a sudden the space has been lighting up. Then the final touches come. The backsplashes and the paint touch-ups, all the little things that need to happen after countertop installation.

The final step is unpacking and enjoying it. You have your updated kitchen, and it’s time to enjoy it.

There is definitely some pain at the beginning but for us, it is about making it as enjoyable as possible to give you the best return on life and return on investment that we can provide in our team.

Capozzi Design Group Spring 2021 Promotion

Here are spring promotions.

  • We are offering 10% off quartz countertops on a bathroom renovation.
  • If we’re handling the entire renovation, you would be eligible for free granite countertop up to 36 inches.

Why should I choose a quartz countertop over granite countertops?

The quartz will give you many options when it comes to colors and styles. They’re very on point with many of the styles that we’re seeing today. Because quartz is a manufactured product, they can follow the trends and plan accordingly.

However, there’s a place for granite. Granite is lovely in the right application. It’s just different from quartz, it’s a lot like wood where it’s a natural product. It will have pits, it will have fishers, and if that bothers you, you shouldn’t get granite. It is a product that should be sealed, unlike the quartz composite that never needs to be sealed. There are differences when it comes to style and the way that you would maintain them. With the quartz composite, there really is no maintenance with granite. It is something that should be sealed, but usually, we start with a 15-year sealer, and it’s very easy to put sealer, but again it’s also more porous. You have to be a little more careful with it and if it’s a marble then you have issues with staining and if you want no maintenance. That’s the main reason to go with a quartz composite. But however it still can stain, yet it’s just harder to stain. You can still scratch that, even though much of what you read online says that it’s indestructible. It is not an indestructible product. Also, there’s the price variation from granite. There are prices that could be the least expensive product, and it could be significantly the most extensive product.

What kitchen cabinets are the best for a 10 by 10 kitchen with a nice island?

When you’re looking at smaller spaces, every inch matters, and when you’re doing that, you want a product that maximizes the space that you do have. When you’re putting the cabinets, you can’t afford a mistake, and you can’t have empty unused space. It’s easier to have more choices or more selections. At larger kitchens, you can have some inefficiency and some areas that it’s not as critical, but in a small kitchen, it is critical. The budget also comes into play, there’s a lot that goes into it that it’s not a one size fits all based on, every inch matters. If every inch matters, one place to start is by looking at frameless cabinetry. Because you get more usable space in a frameless cabinet. There are other considerations, such as one is the construction of that frameless cabinet because that varies widely and that’s impacted by your budget. Secondly, knowing that you have to have a really great installer because those half overlay cabinets are a lot easier to install by people. You don’t have to have so much experience, but definitely a word of warning for a frameless kitchen. Anybody that solves a frameless kitchen should know how to do it because it can be problematic.

How kitchen cabinets are measured? Do you measure it, or should I bring you my measurement?

It’s a great place to start a conversation. We could do a Zoom meeting. We could talk about the dimensions you have as well as we could narrow things down ultimately. Before we’re getting to the point that we’re going to order anything or finalized the design, we’re going to go there, and professionally measure the space. We have a very sophisticated system where we take an account of the entire space. It’s something that makes sure everything fits as it should. Start with taking some basic dimensions, we can set up a Zoom call and we can actually see the space.


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