What’s New in Kitchen Design?

There are a lot of new colors, materials, porcelain countertops, backsplashes, fixtures, and lighting available. For us, keeping an eye on what’s happening in the industry and where trends are going is important. We get a lot of questions like, “Is white still popular?” or “What is the popular color of this year?” White is actually still popular, but there have been some beautiful new colors that have come out as of late. We’re still seeing trends in the navy as well as grey. The colors still are remaining in that family, such as the whites and warmer grays. Of course, golds are extremely popular. Which that really comes into play when we’re talking about the fixtures and lighting at the bottom and the matte finishes that they have out which give another depth of color and texture. There are matte finishes that are available both on cabinetry and on countertop finishes, which are lovely and beautiful. There are some newer materials out there similar to these matte finishes. There’s been a rise in thermofoil cabinets, such as how we used thermofoil way back in the ‘80s, then it really went away for a long time. Now it’s back, and it’s a nice material to work with because it’s extremely durable and it’s very easy to take care of in your home. You could get it in a lot of solid colors, such as the whites, the greys, the navies, and some other different colors as well. As a trend fact, the matte finishes are so attractive. It does change the way that you perceive a kitchen when you have these different finishes. Things are getting softer and almost quieter in a way.

In terms of countertops, porcelain countertops are all the rage. They’re beautiful products that we can use in kitchens and bathrooms. We can even use porcelain on wall cladding for showers. But there are some things that idiosyncrasies are really important to know when considering porcelain countertops. They are stunning, and they just have to be in the right application.

Capozzi Design GroupCredit: Holiday Kitchens

What’s new in backsplash? There are some really nice products out there. Some things come back as far as natural stones and mixes of natural stones. Black is so popular today as much as white. We’re seeing some beautiful black backsplash material that may be complemented with white or something that’s going to really contrast it. What we’re seeing a lot in backsplashes is the use of natural material. Sometimes the same countertop material can be used as the backsplash, which can really look beautiful in the right application.

Then moving on to the fixtures and lighting. A lot of matte finishes in the golds and the blacks are the trends for the fixtures. Also, the lighting has made so many changes over the years, and some of the vendors are constantly coming out with better new renditions of the lighting. The light quality has really improved and even functionality switching. There is a lot of interaction nowadays depending on how interactive you want to be with your lighting. Lighting makes such a dramatic difference and changes the look of your kitchen. The trend that we’re seeing is lighting accentuates that contrast and creates such an inviting environment. So often lighting gets overlooked, or it’s something very auxiliary, and it is something that should be very thoughtful and purposeful. There’s a lot that could be done with lighting, especially when you’re looking at these different finishes, and you’re using darker colors and a lot of contrasts. Understanding lighting and what goes into that as well as how to really utilize it the best way possible is really important. As we age, we need so much more lighting, and when you’re working with dark surfaces you need more lighting. It’s important to have an adequate amount of light, and it’s really an important consideration that is often an afterthought.

Top 6 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

In the last few months, we’ve been having a lot of people reach out to us that are considering a renovation and trying to figure out if they want to stay in their home or if they want to look at moving without making these investments in their home. We do have a lot of people that we’re looking at just because they really want to stay in their homes and invest well in the things that they want to invest in to enjoy their property. We’re finding a lot of people that have gone out and looked at other homes and then have decided that it’s best for them to renovate. They may love the neighborhood and they know that if they invest in it properly that they’re going to have a long-term return on life and return on value for the way that they live. There’s more and more of an interest in multigenerational living in a house with an increase in the number of people working remotely. They’re moving back to their homeland and keeping the jobs that they had in other states. A lot of times, multiple generations are living in the same house and renovating it. It repurposes spaces, making sure space is more efficient, and easy to use for multiple people residing in them. It’s been exciting to help people live better in the houses that they have.

  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle: It’s The Heart of Your Home
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Eco-friendly Advantages: A Greener Kitchen
  • Value: It’s an Investment, Not an Expense
  • You Deserve Better

The first and important reason is beauty. It is true you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it is true that people do tend to congregate in a kitchen. It’s always great to be able to congregate in a space that does look more up to date, and it feels like 2021, not like 1985. There’s a lot of tired spaces out there and tired homes and kitchens because it is such a place where people congregate. It’s a wonderful place to be able to invest in to update and beautify. Secondly, is the idea of lifestyle. Certainly, it is the heart of the home. Everybody knows that more people are working remotely, meaning more people are spending more time at home. People are cooking more, and it’s amazing how many people we run into that for the first time are enjoying cooking or getting back to cooking when they really hadn’t been for a long time. Life has changed a bit, and this has been something great for people to embrace. Then renovating a space becomes more important. It’s easy to talk about beauty but it’s on a whole other level when you talk about the efficiency of a space. The tools that you need when you’re cooking, it’s a lot like an auto mechanic that needs to have tools nearby, you want to make sure that there’s really efficiency in the way that space works. That even gets back to the whole idea of multigenerational and having this increased efficiency for everybody in the home. When your kitchen gets efficient it changes the way that you live and how much you enjoy that space. It is life-changing if the kitchen is well planned. It should change your life. At some point, it’s a major investment, and probably the biggest investment you’re making in your home. You’ll find that you want efficiency to be a big part of that consideration.

One other reason could be the idea of having some eco-friendly advantages, also known as a greener kitchen. When you think about a green kitchen, you have appliances that are obviously more energy-efficient today, and a lot of appliances are energy efficient. There are more and more materials that are coming out from raw materials in cabinets to countertops that are truer eco-friendly advantages or solutions that you can have in your kitchen. But one thing can sometimes get overlooked. When we talk about using less energy in a kitchen, we also have light fixtures, but then also having smart appliances. We are seeing more use of smart appliances, which can make a kitchen more energy-efficient as well. For instance, the lighting that you need for when you’re doing kitchen prep is different from the lighting that you want when you come into the morning to make coffee. Having the kind of presets and having layers of light that address the emotion of the space. The new lighting systems are so much more energy-efficient today, and then also having these smart appliances might help you to save energy and money.

When you look at renovating, it is an investment, not an expense. This really should change the way that you live. A kitchen will increase the resale value, but more than that, it’s going to increase the livability. If the kitchen’s done right, you will have a more enjoyable life from day to day. Things are just easier in it, it’s a more pleasant place to be, and then when you do go to sell, you’re going to have a space that’s already been updated. That is what a lot of homeowners expect today. But this kind of gets back to the livability. We all want to live our best life. We want to have a space that we feel proud of, and that is truly a reflection of us in the way that we live today. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s important we want to be comfortable in our spaces. Why shouldn’t we be? This is where we spend most of our time. Why not make it a space that is comfortable, functional, and as beautiful as it could and should be? Maybe our diet or lifestyle has changed and if you’re making a major change in the way. The foods that you’re eating or the types of things that you’re preparing, having something that helps make that new lifestyle easier, is essential to making that change so that everything is at your fingertips. It gets easier to make those adaptations because space which is a part of your life will be updated like your lifestyle.

Capozzi Design GroupCredit: Naturekast

Where to start kitchen remodeling?

Every project is unique, and yours will be a reflection of your taste and style. At this point, knowing what style is yours and what you want gets more important to make choices. The biggest choice that you will make for your kitchen will be your cabinets.

We have three cabinet lines. The three cabinet lines that we have to represent have three different price points. When you’re looking at renovating and you’re looking at what’s most important to consider you need to think about the quality of the construction. Each one of these lines has its advantages and qualities. We have selected them to be the best value for what they’re offering.

We have Dura Supreme, Holiday, and Ayr. These cabinets are also all made here in the US for us. The three companies are all midwest companies. We are proud to represent them, and we’re here to stand behind what we give our clients. These companies are cabinet lines that are there to stand behind their product. There’s such diversity in their offerings. It’s important for us that when we’re working with people we get an understanding of what it is that you’re looking for. There are so many things that go into planning a space well, and cabinet trees are an essential part of that.

Aster Cucine is an Italian cabinet manufacturer that we work with. They are a great company, and they offer things that we can’t get here in the U.S. It’s a beautiful line with both contemporary and traditional styles. But when you’re looking for something completely different, there are elements that you can’t replicate that no manufacturer can here in the U.S. can. Then that’s when we look at Aster Cucine for something traditional to something very contemporary you can have all the options.

Then we have Naturekast; it is an outdoor cabinetry. Even in Northeast Ohio, we have more and more clients looking at investing in their home and their lifestyle. They want an outdoor kitchen. Naturekast is a fully weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinet line. It is manufactured in Canada. They know a little bit about Northeast Ohio weather, so they do a nice job with that cabinet line. It’s a great product to work with to be able to create either a small outdoor space or a full working outdoor kitchen.

Capozzi Design Group Spring 2021 Promotion

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Awards and Recognition

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