Kitchens Designed for Chefs

At Capozzi, we believe that a well-designed kitchen should meet every homeowner need. A good kitchen designer will try to uncover exactly how the newly remodeled kitchen will be used.

  • Will the kitchen serve as the hub of the home where the kids will do homework and the family will unwind at the end of the day?
  • Will the newly remodeled kitchen be the entertainment hub where family and friends gather?
  • Will the kitchen serve as the perfect place for those who have a passion for cooking to create amazing menus?

So many homeowners in the Greater Cleveland area want a kitchen designed for cooking – a chef-inspired kitchen!

Kitchen Design

For a chef-inspired kitchen, the first thing you want to do is think about are the appliances and work surfaces you want most in your kitchen. Many experienced cooks have non-negotiable “must-have” appliances they want in a kitchen.

Start by determining your priorities when it comes to kitchen appliances. Do you need a double convection oven; a Sub-Zero industrial refrigerator; sous chef-inspired 12′ long stainless-steel countertop; a high capacity wine cooler; or maybe one of each? Whatever your favorite kitchen appliance or work surface, figure out what it is, and have your kitchen designer create the rest of your new kitchen around it.

Space for Everything in the Kitchen

Avid cooks want space in their kitchen or everything, however, that doesn’t mean you need the largest kitchen. Most homeowners want to make sure their new kitchen is well organized, and they can control any potential clutter.

You can create attractive and accessible compartments to store all your utensils, minimize the clutter, maintain organization, and always know where everything is in your kitchen.

Pot racks or built-in kitchen cabinetry can be designed to minimize clutter in cabinets and effectively store pots when they aren’t needed. Magnetic tracks and wood compartments hold kitchen knives, cooking utensils, and other items when they aren’t needed.

Custom Cabinets and Pantry’s

Kitchen cabinetry options offer tremendous functionality for the avid cook. The right kitchen design is going to incorporate many different hiding spaces for your food products, appliances, and other kitchen items.

Depending on your own personal style, you might want to minimize open front cabinets and shelving. Many homeowners want to close kitchen cabinets when not used to maintain a clean and uncluttered space.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks with multiple basins tend to be best for the serious chef. Some cooks prefer to have two separate kitchen sinks, one near the fridge where you can pull out and clean items, and then a second where to store and clean dishes after use. Kitchen designers will ask you how you prep and how you clean up to help you decide which layout and which sink is right for you.

Kitchen Appliances

Many avid chefs have multiple refrigerators. One may be solely devoted to prep items and the other may be the general one for the family. Some chefs prefer having both refrigerators within the kitchen footprint while others are fine with having the second one in an adjoining area. A good kitchen designer should be able to present both alternatives.

Kitchen Countertops and Work Surfaces

The kitchen countertop is the workhorse for any avid cook. There are a number of work surfaces available, but professional-grade stainless steel remains a top choice for many chefs. Remember that countertops can also be a space for entertaining guests. Many avid cooks will want a variety of countertop materials in different areas of the kitchen. Your kitchen designer will help strike a balance between the functionality of the cooking surfaces and the overall beauty of the kitchen.

Kitchen Task Lighting

Lighting is a critical part of your kitchen design. Your kitchen designer will help create a layered lighting approach to make sure there is a visual balance:

  • Ambient Kitchen Lighting – used for overall kitchen illumination. You can dictate lighting fixture placement to get the best illumination and eliminate shadows and dark spots as you move around the kitchen.
  • Task Lighting – this is the most important kitchen lighting for the avid cook. Incorporate task lighting near all your important work and cooking spaces either from the ceiling or underneath kitchen counters and cabinets.
  • Accent Lighting – this kitchen lighting is more decorative in nature and might be in the form of a chandelier or other decorative lighting fixture above the island.


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