As a leader in custom cabinetry and a premier service provider in Cleveland, our team at Capozzi gets asked many questions about our trade. What are the best cabinet sizing options for my kitchen? What color scheme do you recommend for a living room cabinet design? What woods or hardware are most durable for outdoor cabinetry?

However, our favorite is the recurring question, “why buy Italian cabinetry?”

It’s our pleasure to give you that high-level answer here.

  1. It’s what Italy is known for

Take a moment to consider why you would choose to purchase a fine Italian wine, delicious olive oil, or designer bag. For most of us, it’s because we know that we’re investing in not just a luxurious name but a stylish product. In some cases, we’re essentially investing in a work of art. Italian products are crafted from centuries of tradition and craftsmanship that they’re recognized around the world for.

Don’t just take our word for it! According to World’s Top Exports, Italy exported $13.7 billion worth of furniture just last year. Italian cabinetry boasts the highest style available, with the most on trend and sophisticated looks. It’s no wonder that this craftsmanship has become a mainstay in kitchens around the world.

  1. Italian cabinets are one-of-a-kind

The blend of profound culture, cutting-edge materials, and true love of the trade creates a style in cabinetry that is, quite frankly, not replicable in the United States market. Don’t get us wrong—there are pros and cons to more traditional U.S.-style cabinets. American cabinets are usually easier to find, and include framed cabinets (versus traditionally frameless Italian-style cabinets) This means they’re easier to buy and install.

The trade-off is the vast enumeration of unique looks that Italian-crafted cabinets offer you. Of course, Capozzi designers recommend a plan based on your budget and timeline. But with Italian cabinetry, you’ll never look at a photo in Better Homes and Gardens and think, “wow those cabinets look exactly like mine!”

  1. The price may surprise you

Perhaps surprisingly, price doesn’t have to be a differentiating factor between Italian cabinets and their competitors. There are custom designs that end up being a bigger investment, but there are affordable options, too, allowing Italian cabinetry to boast the full range of possibilities for any homeowner. All the prestige that falls behind Italian products definitely creates a more expensive vibe for the room, but this does not necessarily mean that it will be reflected in the actual cost.

This range of cost—without any sacrifice to the level of craftsmanship—is due to the amount of variety and imaginative products engineered in Italian cabinetry. There’s a greater range of products thanks to centuries of Italian innovation that has created the perfect space for craftsmanship in the industry.

  1. The materials are unique and reflect a heritage

Italy is truly living for the future. They continually prove time and time again their ability to think further outside the box. True Italian craftsmen are able to utilize materials like olive woods that we would see as too exotic or impractical to use compared to the more traditional particle boards we use in the est. The materials utilized in Italian cabinetry are chosen to invoke emotions through sight and even smell, making for an experience that transcends even style and function.

In the end, it turns out that selection of materials can actually help save on the expense of the overall product. Curved surfaces, beautifully grained woods, and luxurious high gloss finishes couldn’t be found at a more affordable price.

  1. They consider functionality AND style

The difference in cultures around the world is reflected in the goods each country is known for. If you prefer clean lines, sumptuous materials, and design built for organization, Italian cabinetry is the way to go.

In Italy, people look at their homes and kitchen as a reflection of themselves. They adopt a well-thought vision for their overall space. Their home may be over 200 years old, so what goes inside of it must be a work of art but also extremely functionable. Beautiful, but also useful.

Taking tradition and combining it with the modern world, Italian cabinet designs are updated to include additions like pocket doors, glass cabinetry and bridge accessories. The Italian kitchen knows the importance of making memories in the kitchen.

In the United States, we purchase items that we’ve seen on popular websites or magazines. These items “go with the kitchen” and are on trend, but might not truly reflect our unique flair. Cabinets are bought and floor plans created strictly for looks in vogue.

There’s nothing wrong with the design that makes the homeowner happy. And yet, we see something about the time and tradition reflected in Italian cabinetry that we can’t help but wish into everyone’s kitchen.

  1. It’s what we know and love

At Capozzi, working with Italian cabinetry means working with over 25 different wood species and 50 different lacquers. With such a variety of materials, there are infinite combinations and designs at our fingertips.

These materials are cutting-edge and can’t be replicated. Compare this to when you walk into a home store to find cabinets in a big box next to a thousand other big boxes. We want to put more character and love into the process because we believe in quality and artistry—and we believe in making each kitchen a reflection of its unique family experience.

So, after all these answers, we have a question for you:

Why would you not buy Italian cabinetry?

At Capozzi Design Group, we are firm believers in hard work, integrity, and tradition. And we love sharing the artistry that has shaped kitchens from Italy to Northeast Ohio for generations. We’ve been serving the Cleveland area for over two decades and have won Best of Houzz for Customer Satisfaction 2014-2016. If you would like to see for yourself why Italian cabinetry could be the perfect choice for your home, or if have any questions at all, make sure to give us a call or send a message today!


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