One of the best parts about life in Northeast Ohio is the changing of the seasons. As Midwesterners, we get to enjoy four stunning seasons every year. Whatever the temperatures may be, the beauty of verdant springs, golden summers, kaleidoscopic autumns, and snowy winters is undeniable.

So in Ohio, having a room with a view is nice, but having a comfortable spot outside is even better. And when that comfortable spot is an outdoor kitchen, you can let the wonders of nature wash over you while continuing to access the conveniences of the indoors. An outdoor kitchen allows you and your loved ones to grill a delicious barbeque in the shade, sip a cold drink in the sunshine, or munch gooey s’mores around the fire.

An outdoor kitchen offers countless opportunities to savor the outdoors while making memories with family and friends. See for yourself by discovering the benefits of having a custom outdoor kitchen in Northeast Ohio.


Benefits of a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Make the Most of Your Backyard with a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Your backyard is your very own slice of the great outdoors. It’s a real treasure, but it becomes priceless when you make the most of it.

An outdoor kitchen gives your backyard purpose. That purpose might be to let you breathe more fresh air, have more fun cooking, spend more time with your family, welcome more friends into your home, or observe the wonders of nature more often.

When you work with Capozzi to install your custom outdoor kitchen, we’ll help you determine exactly how you want to utilize your backyard. Then, we’ll make it happen.

Design-build remodelers like us know how to make your backyard dreams come to life. With our help, your backyard will be heaven on earth.

custom outdoor kitchen

Embark on a Culinary Adventure with a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling gives you a premium cooking space indoors. By contrast, an outdoor kitchen installation gives you an equally elite cooking space outdoors.

Essentially, you’ll have two kitchens. And with them, you can vary your cooking methods and your homemade cuisine.

Cooking certain dishes outdoors is better for you and your house. So, with your custom outdoor kitchen, you can work with additional appliances and broaden your culinary capabilities without straining your indoor kitchen.

Grilling lets you achieve new flavors and textures with fruits, vegetables, meats, and more. Imagine the hazy smokiness of a brisket in spring, the crisp smell of a clambake in the fall, or a make-your-own-pizza night in the heat of July. It’s all possible with an outdoor kitchen.

And grilling outside prevents the buildup of heat and smells. A well-trimmed grill includes an insulated grill jacket, access doors, a vent panel, and a vent hood. To take your grilling to the next level, high-end grills can also accommodate features such as a grill cover, rotisserie kit, or sear burner.

With proper protection from the elements and heating solutions, your outdoor kitchen becomes an asset all year round. As a result, you can explore your creativity with baking, slow rotisserie cooking, deep frying, or large kettle cooking. Outdoor kitchens also offer easy cleanup that never quits.

To keep your outdoor kitchen stocked with plenty of storage, you must rely on outdoor cabinetry from Naturekast, the experts in weatherproof cabinetry. This cabinetry has the endurance to outlast whatever weather Northeast Ohio throws at it. You can also customize it to achieve the exact functionality you want.

custom outdoor kitchen

Create an Entertainment Hub in Your Yard

Living room remodeling ensures you have an indoor relaxation space when you need it. But your living room might just become the backup spot once your custom outdoor kitchen is complete.

The entertainment section of your outdoor kitchen can be just as luxurious and inviting as any room in your house. With an assortment of chic and cozy outdoor seating options such as couches, lounge chairs, bar stools, and more, you can attract a crowd. You can even host a crowd with a cabana, pool house, or pavilion. And you can keep the party going with a bar, TV, fire pit, and sound system. A particularly versatile outdoor space can serve as a storage area, guest retreat, or gaming area.

When your custom outdoor kitchen fills stomachs and facilitates fun, your home is the place to be in your community.

The possibilities are limitless, and the addition of such a structure not only increases your living space but also enhances your lifestyle throughout the year. 

custom outdoor kitchen

Express Your Style with a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Every area of your home should be a reflection of you, including your outdoor kitchen. And don’t worry: your custom outdoor kitchen gives you plenty of places to express yourself with details such as the flooring, backsplash, and lighting. What’s more, you can count on the outdoor kitchen designer at Capozzi Design Build to pull the perfect options for you and help you curate a truly captivating, completely personalized space.

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Raise Your Property Value with an Outdoor Kitchen

If you live in your forever home, you can relish your custom outdoor kitchen for the rest of your life. But just because moving might be somewhere in your future doesn’t mean indulging your desire for an outdoor kitchen now is wasteful. Instead, the opposite is true. Furnishing your house with a custom outdoor kitchen bumps up your property value and allows you to increase your asking price whenever you’re looking to sell.

The basic components of an outdoor kitchen – a grill, a cooking area, a storage area, seating, etc., – are perks that many potential buyers would love to have but don’t want to pay for, especially after they’ve just bought a new house. So, they appreciate when the house already presents these investments and thereby eliminates any future hassle.

Consequently, when equipped with an outdoor kitchen, your home stands out on the market and is more attractive to interested parties. As a result, a custom outdoor kitchen empowers you to increase your ROI when you sell your house.

custom outdoor kitchen

Securing the Benefits of a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Now that this list of benefits has your mind buzzing with ideas for your backyard transformation, the question arises: how can you bring these visions of your custom outdoor kitchen to life?

That’s where Capozzi Design Build comes in. We partner with local landscape architects and companies to turn your dreams into reality. Our dedicated and experienced professionals understand the nuances of designing and building outdoor spaces that seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. 

From understanding structural and mechanical allocations to selecting the right materials for diverse conditions, our team has the expertise to achieve anything you wish. We are a collective of talented, educated, and award-winning design/build professionals. And we’re ready to make your dream outdoor space a tangible part of your home.

With our outdoor kitchen installations, you can relish your custom outdoor kitchen and all its advantages year-round. Don’t let this year slip away without your perfect outdoor kitchen. Contact us to start the process today!