Crafting an Inspiring Space for Food and Family

At Capozzi, we truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. By bringing good food and loved ones together, our kitchens help us nourish our bodies and souls. So, your kitchen should be functional, beautiful, and personalized to you.

A custom kitchen supports your efforts to cook delicious, nutritious food that benefits your family without harming your environment.

Consequently, working with a kitchen that’s lacking in any way hampers your happiness by interfering with your goals. Thankfully, you don’t have to stomach your dated, awkward, inefficient, or cramped kitchen any longer. With a life-changing kitchen remodel from Capozzi, you can upgrade your kitchen with an intelligent layout, tailored design, state-of-the-art appliances, and stunning features that suit you and your family perfectly.

Design-Build Kitchen Remodeling

Do you dream of a gourmet kitchen that aids all of your culinary adventures with commercial-grade appliances and the highest-quality materials? A low-maintenance, smart kitchen that simplifies the process of making healthy meals with the freshest ingredients? Or an energy-efficient, eco-friendly kitchen that doesn’t drain you or the environment of resources?

No matter what your ideal kitchen looks like, Capozzi Design Build can create it. We’ll discover your priorities for your kitchen through our collaborative communication, address them with our innovative design, and deliver on them with our impeccable construction. Through our unique, comprehensive design-build process, we reimagine your kitchen to solve your problems and support your lifestyle. We also supply you with luxurious options for each detail. And of course, we handle project management and the full installation. That way, every part of your Cleveland kitchen remodel meets our exacting standards.

Our team of experts comprises creative designers and professional builders who utilize premium products and masterful methods to give you an exclusive, timeless custom kitchen. By partnering with our experienced kitchen remodelers, you’ll enjoy the many advantages of a single-source kitchen remodeling solution.

Universal Design Kitchen Remodeling

Our highly credentialed kitchen designers are also certified in universal design, which means we build kitchens that accommodate people of all ages and stages. With our insight into aging, you can use your kitchen safely and easily for the rest of your life. A universally designed kitchen empowers your continued independence. It also increases the return on your investment and on your satisfaction with your kitchen.

Your Cleveland Area Kitchen Remodel

We’re ready to begin your Cleveland kitchen remodel. By pairing with Capozzi, you’ll receive the most impressive, industrious, and gorgeous kitchen for you and your family.

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We Design Kitchens That Elevate Your Lifestyle


Renovating For Life

Your home should be the perfect representation of you, not just your kitchen. Interior remodeling with Capozzi Design Build helps you see yourself everywhere in your home by discovering your tastes, providing you with design options, and then handling every part of the installation. Let us reimagine your space as a whole so you can inhabit your ideal home.