Your kitchen can be an epicenter of good design in your house. With the magic of kitchen remodeling, you can make transformative updates to your dysfunctional or outdated kitchen. Kitchen remodeling involves applying your design style to every part of your kitchen, including your kitchen cabinets. You can get winning kitchen cabinet ideas from the best kitchen cabinet brands. And you can discover the best kitchen cabinet brands with the help of Capozzi Design Build.

Kitchen cabinets are a particular specialty of ours, and with a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) on staff, we know exactly how to use kitchen cabinets to reflect your design style. So, to start forming kitchen cabinet ideas for your dream kitchen, learn more about the different kitchen cabinet styles available and the different kitchen cabinet brands that achieve those styles.


Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Each Design Style

Kitchen cabinets play a sizable role in establishing the design style of your kitchen. And thankfully, kitchen cabinets come in an array of different styles, such as:

  • Traditional kitchen cabinets
  • Modern kitchen cabinets
  • Contemporary kitchen cabinets
  • Transitional kitchen cabinets
  • Farmhouse kitchen cabinets

Not all cabinet designs fit solely into one style or another, but understanding these five styles can still reveal which looks you can make with your kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Traditional kitchen cabinets feature furniture-like elements. These elements include furniture legs, trim and molding, decorative corbels, aprons, end panels, decorative valances, and toe kicks. With such intricate details, traditional kitchen cabinets create more formal kitchens that pair perfectly with the historic homes found in Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, and other timeless towns in northeast Ohio.

Traditional kitchen cabinets never really go out of style. So, you’ll always be able to find a variety of options with which to build the classic kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Modern kitchen cabinets are on the opposite end of the design spectrum as traditional kitchen cabinets. The defining characteristics of modern kitchen cabinets are clean lines, simple shapes, and neutral colors. Pops of color may come into play here and there, but the overall atmosphere of a modern kitchen is very organic, natural, and calming.

There really isn’t too much going on with a modern kitchen, and that’s the beauty of it.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Contemporary kitchen cabinets, especially those with current European influences, dive even deeper into minimalism than modern kitchen cabinets do. The essence of contemporary kitchen cabinets is chic silhouettes and sleek materials. Contemporary kitchen cabinets may incorporate different metals or colors. But generally, they achieve a high level of drama with their sheer starkness.

Truly contemporary kitchens are very well-tailored, and every minutia is perfectly simple. Therefore, working with a specialist is the best way to secure a contemporary kitchen that does justice to the style. A Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) has the best understanding of what contemporary is or isn’t, so they alone can produce a kitchen worthy of the style.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Transitional kitchen cabinets inhabit the ideal middle ground between traditional and contemporary kitchens. Basically, these cabinets mix and match other kitchen styles so homeowners can experience the exact level of casual luxury they prefer. Transitional kitchen cabinets often present Shaker style or recessed panel doors in a coordinating combination of paints and stains. They’re simultaneously elegant and unfussy.

Thanks to trend-savvy CKDs who know their stuff, homeowners all over northeast Ohio are adhering to this popular style to transform their kitchens. Capozzi Design Build in particular has a lot of transitional kitchen remodeling projects under our belts, as we blend styles to craft a custom design based on the house’s architecture and the homeowners’ aesthetic interests.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets have also been having a moment – for years now! With rustic wood species, weathered matte finishes, beadboard in black, beige, cream, or white, and open shelving in reclaimed wood, farmhouse kitchen cabinets harken back to hand-hewn, sturdy furniture that worked hard all day long.

The farmhouse style is still going strong, so options for farmhouse kitchen cabinets are numerous. However, keeping this style up to date is key, and you’ll want a CKD for that.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas from Kitchen Cabinet Brands

So, where can you find quality kitchen cabinets that meet the criteria of these various styles?

At Capozzi Design Build, we represent a wide spectrum of cabinet lines that offer distinct advantages for homeowners. We heavily research cabinet manufacturers across the country, and we also travel to the design meccas of the United States so we can bring back information that would better serve our clients in northeast Ohio. Then, we back certain kitchen cabinet brands only after confirming that we would put their products in our own homes. If we wouldn’t, we won’t stand behind that brand as a company because we value good, long-term relationships with our clients.

The kitchen cabinet brands we work with include:

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Ayr Kitchen Cabinets

Ayr Custom Cabinetry is a source of beautiful furniture. They expertly craft high-quality, entirely custom cabinets, and they are able to build exactly what we draw. Therefore, our only limitations with Ayr cabinets are the laws of physics themselves! As a family-owned company based outside of Chicago, Ayr puts a tremendous amount of care into perfecting both the interiors and exteriors of their products. Their skilled employees oversee every stage of the manufacturing process, which is why we believe these cabinets truly are furniture.

At Capozzi, we work with detailed and specialized cabinet lines like Ayr because we know they’re producing long-lasting, top-notch pieces that our homeowners can adore and appreciate for decades. They also supply great warranties, but with companies like Ayr, we don’t have to be concerned about failure. Instead, we focus on the finishes. And honestly, many other manufacturers and job shops don’t have superior finishing technology like Ayr does. Because Ayr prioritizes first-rate finishes, we know that they extend the best support to our customers. So, we support them.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Holiday Kitchen Cabinets

Holiday Kitchens is another superb kitchen cabinet manufacturer that is also very customizable. With a host of different door styles and finishes coming in at very competitive prices, Holiday Kitchens infuses all of their products with exceptional value.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Aster Cucine Kitchen Cabinets

Aster Cucine is a beautiful Italian kitchen cabinet brand. While the heart of Capozzi Design Build is American, we stay on top of what is coming from Europe. Some of our clients have lived in Europe or travel there regularly, so our trusted partnership with Aster Cucine allows them to have a one-of-a-kind Italian kitchen without moving to New York or Chicago.

Aster Cucine’s exquisite Italian cabinetry covers a wide range of gorgeous European styles, such as contemporary, traditional, transitional, modern, and more. The Italian perspective on these styles is a bit different from the American perspective, so with Aster Cucine, you’ll receive kitchen cabinets that are quite distinct from anything else you might see in the U.S.

While Aster Cucine’s products are made to order and completely customizable, we generally recommend them to homeowners craving an ultra-contemporary look. Aster Cucine is so innovative that we’re the only showroom between New York and Chicago to offer it. We’re proud to display Aster Cucine products, and we love working with them because they offer such a broad and impressive selection.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Dura Supreme Kitchen Cabinets

Dura Supreme is a fabulous semi-custom cabinet line. They have incredible finish technology – good as higher-end, custom lines – which is super important in kitchens and baths. Your kitchen and bath cabinets will come into contact with water, which can contain a considerable number of chemicals. Therefore, durable finishes that withstand water damage are essential.

Dura Supreme also takes a varied approach to construction so they can offer affordable price points. Furthermore, they provide so many different cabinet door styles as well as glazes, stains, and finishes. When it comes to the latest looks in cabinets, Dura Supreme is always ahead of the game. Their timeliness with cabinetry trends really excites us, as it allows us to pass phenomenal interior style along to our customers.

Dura Supreme so inspires us that we’ve dedicated an entire wall in our showroom to vignettes that highlight many of Dura Supreme’s different wood species and finishes as well as their specialties. Dura Supreme is terrific and demonstrates the amazing possibilities of cabinetry.

We’ve done some very interesting projects with Holiday Kitchens, such as a few custom contemporary laminates for which choices are virtually limitless.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Naturekast Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor kitchens are essential for the ultimate staycation. Therefore, since people are staying home more these days, outdoor kitchen installations are a rising remodeling trend. Capozzi Design Build performs outdoor kitchen installations, so we carry an incredible line of outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Naturekast specializes in the weatherproof cabinetry that every outdoor kitchen requires, so you don’t have to worry about your cabinetry holding up to whatever nature throws at it. Naturekast is made in Canada, so they equip their cabinetry to handle even more extreme climate conditions than we experience in northeast Ohio. That means, with Naturekast, you’ll be ready to entertain outdoors whether the temperature is ninety degrees or thirty degrees. Basically, whenever you want to use your outdoor kitchen, your Naturekast cabinets will be up for it.

Not only are Naturekast kitchen cabinets enduringly functional, but they’re also timelessly beautiful. They come in a vast array of designs, colors, and materials. By being so stylish, they elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen to a whole new level. They also give you even more reasons to use the space for many months out of the year. So, for homeowners hoping to get away while staying put, we always recommend Naturekast outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas from Kitchen Cabinet Experts

At Capozzi Design Build, our passion for remodeling started with kitchen cabinets. Our masterful CEO and CKD Ruthann Capozzi is a third-generation cabinet maker who practically grew up in the cabinet shop. With such in-depth knowledge of kitchen cabinets and kitchen design, we can identify your style and your perfect kitchen cabinets easily and efficiently. And of course, we can also make the rest of your kitchen equally stunning.

As a family-owned company, we treat our clients like family and their kitchens like our own. We can ensure that your new kitchen will look fantastic and function flawlessly, just like you’ve always dreamed. Learn more about our kitchen remodeling services today so you can find the best kitchen cabinets for you!