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At Capozzi Design Build, we call Chagrin Falls, Ohio, home. We’re located in Chagrin Falls because Anne Capozzi and Kevin Gray, our founders, both grew up in Warren, Ohio. And when they established Capozzi Design Build in 2004, they did so to serve their neighbors, the people of Northeast Ohio, with many service areas.

Currently, Capozzi Design Build headquarters reside in the Greater Cleveland area. As a result, our home remodeling services encompass the northeast Ohio region. Some of the counties within the Greater Cleveland area include Cuyahoga, Lake, Portage, and Summit. Our exact service areas within those specific counties include the following cities.

Capozzi Design Build Service Areas

Cuyahoga County Service Areas

Lake County Service Areas

Portage County Service Areas

Summit County Service Areas

Beachwood Willoughby Hills Aurora Boston Heights
Chagrin Falls Hudson
Cleveland Heights Macedonia
Gates Mills Peninsula
Hunting Valley Twinsburg
Moreland Hills
Pepper Pike
Shaker Heights
University Heights

Beachwood Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

The beautiful town of Beachwood, Ohio, was actually named for the many beech trees that grow there. Beachwood is neither the biggest nor the oldest city in Northeast Ohio, but it is still significant for its diversity, economy, education, and commerce. With an assortment of aged estates and fresh new constructions, Beachwood houses present plenty of reasons to remodel. The older homes necessitate updates to protect the health and safety of Beachwood families, while the recent builds would benefit from renovations that infuse personality into each space. Home remodeling services accomplish all this and more, and Capozzi Design Build supplies them!

Chagrin Falls Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

Chagrin Falls is a small but charming village in the suburbs of Cleveland. Originally, waterfalls flowing from the Chagrin River sustained the town. But these days, Chagrin Falls produces its own cultural force with one of the oldest community theaters in the country, a collection of notable former residents, and even representation in some comics. The houses in Chagrin Falls boast their own strong visual presence, with Tudor, Craftsman, contemporary, cottage, farmhouse, ranch, split level, and modern styles all making appearances. Preserving the architectural integrity of these homes requires remodeling with the help of an expert in design. Capozzi Design Build possesses such expertise, and we offer home remodeling services to Chagrin Falls!

Cleveland Heights Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

Cleveland Heights is one of the largest cities in the Greater Cleveland area. It’s also one of Cleveland’s historic streetcar suburbs. The sizable population and extensive history of Cleveland Heights justify the fact that the city holds over 20,000 houses of varying ages and aesthetics. This host of homes accounts for just about every architectural style in America, with elegant Victorians, imposing Georgians, classic Colonials, cultured French Provincials, angular Prairies, and sturdy Dutch Colonials all on display. The exterior beauty of these homes is evident. But in order to maintain the interior beauty while meeting the homeowners’ needs, Cleveland Heights houses necessitate home remodeling services. And Capozzi Design Build is here to provide them!

Gates Mills Home Remodeling: Cleveland Home Remodeling

Gates Mills is a quaint yet very prosperous little village nestled in the northeast corner of the Greater Cleveland area. The town took its name from the owner of the local mill, Halsey Gates. Then, the town took its housing design from Western Reserve architecture. In doing so, Gates Mills ensured that its houses would feature architectural styles such as Georgian, Greek Revival, Queen Anne, and Federal. Many of these houses are beautiful and expansive, with unique shapes and details. But they are also aging and will require home remodeling services soon. To safeguard the defining characteristics of each home’s architectural style while still incorporating modern updates, Gates Mills families should turn to a home remodeling company with decades of experience and a wealth of design knowledge. Capozzi Design Build has both, so we are the top choice!

Hunting Valley Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

Hunting Valley is one of the tiniest towns in the Greater Cleveland area, yet it is also one of the wealthiest locales in Ohio. In the past, it has been one of the most affluent places in the United States. The town is full of impressive properties that depict Colonial, Prairie, Classical, Georgian, and Dutch Colonial architectural styles. The interiors of these homes contain distinctive spaces crafted from high-quality materials. And when it’s time to remodel these homes, Hunting Valley residents will want to rely on a home remodeling company that is respectful of such shapes and well-versed in such materials. Capozzi Design Build has the skills necessary to honor the grandeur of Hunting Valley homes!

Moreland Hills Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

Moreland Hills is a small suburb of Greater Cleveland, but it is prestigious and upscale nonetheless. The town is prestigious because James A. Garfield, the 20th President of the United States, was born there, along with a few other notable figures. And the town is upscale because it demonstrates a refined level of architectural taste. Many of the houses present modern, Craftsman, contemporary, or Prairie influences, while several follow the French Provincial or Tudor styles. These Moreland Hills homes are truly unique, and their owners will certainly want the interiors to be as unique and thoughtfully designed as the exteriors, even after undergoing renovations. Capozzi Design Build feels the same way about these houses, which is why we offer our home remodeling services in Moreland Hills!

Pepper Pike Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

Pepper Pike is a somewhat petite city outside of Cleveland, but its claim to fame is residents who have been very successful monetarily, culturally, or both. The houses of Pepper Pike serve as a testament to this success by showcasing design styles such as Prairie, French Provincial, modern, contemporary, Craftsman, Colonial, Georgian, and more. For many of these homes, both the interior and the exterior are thoroughly seeped in the same design style. Consequently, remodeling these homes in a way that achieves the same aesthetic consistency throughout would be a challenge. But Capozzi Design Build is up for the challenge with our home remodeling services in Pepper Pike!

Shaker Heights Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

Shaker Heights is a sizable city in Northeast Ohio and a streetcar suburb of Cleveland. The city has a long list of famous former residents, and movies and TV shows have also highlighted the town. The architectural styles of Shaker Heights homes include Federal Colonial, Colonial, French Provincial, Tudor, Neoclassical, Mediterranean, and modern. Because Shaker Heights is one of the bigger cities outside of Cleveland, standing out with distinct living spaces is a bit trickier than it would be in a smaller town. Matching the interior of a home to the exterior is one thing, but doing it in a way that hasn’t been seen before is another. Home remodeling services that accomplish one-of-a-kind transformations while satisfying all of the homeowners’ wants and needs are hard to come by. But not in Shaker Heights, because Capozzi Design Build is the local home remodeling company!

Solon Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

Solon is a fairly large city for the Cleveland area. For an Ohio city, it has also been considered one of the safest places to live, one of the best places to raise kids, and in possession of one of the best public school systems. Solon has even been named one of the best places to live in America. And surveying the neighborhoods reveals why. Houses adhering to the architectural styles of Craftsman, French Provincial, Tudor, and Federal Colonial fill the town. But some of these houses still include outdated builder-grade standards. A few also contain blank slates of potential like unfinished basements. In houses like these, home remodeling services are essential for enabling homeowners to settle in and showcase their personal tastes. Solon homeowners need a home remodeling company that will help their homes reflect their preferences. Capozzi Design Build is that remodeling company!

University Heights Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

University Heights is a good-sized city in northeast Ohio. It is also one of the youngest communities in the area, with half of its population under 30 years of age. But one particularly relevant fact about University Heights is that it is nicknamed the “City of Beautiful Homes.” This nickname is indeed fitting, as University Heights is bejeweled with beguiling abodes observing architectural styles such as Tudor, French Provincial, Colonial, Federal Colonial, and Neoclassical. These houses are stunning and stately, but they are also aging antiques. Remodeling these houses to prolong their functionality while acknowledging their delicacy can only be done with an observant eye and a dexterous hand. Luckily, Capozzi Design Build has them in spades!

Willoughby Hills Home Remodeling: Cleveland Service Areas

Willoughby Hills is part of the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area, and its motto is, “Where the City Meets the Country.” One notable building in Willoughby Hills is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Louis Penfield House. With an example of such reputable architecture on site, the stage was set for the city of Willoughby Hills to effectively marry the sophistication of the city with the spaciousness of the country. And the town has been successful, as the styles of its houses include Tudor, modern, French Provincial, farmhouse, Craftsman, and Prairie. Having a house designed by such a famous architect in the region really puts the pressure on Willoughby Hills home remodeling companies to develop similarly exceptional interiors. But with a team of top talent and knowledgeable leadership, Capozzi Design Build is able to thrive under pressure. So, our home remodeling services are perfect for Willoughby Hills!

Aurora Home Remodeling: Akron Service Areas

Aurora is an old city that serves as a suburb of both Cleveland and Akron. The city was originally part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. In the early 1900s, Aurora was also the biggest cheese producer in the U.S. The town has an expansive historic district that encompasses 21 contributing buildings. While this historic district contains only a few houses, many of Aurora’s homes showcase historic architecture, such as French Provincial, Mediterranean, Craftsman, Colonial, Victorian, Greek Revival, and Georgian. Historic homes and historically-based homes will require home remodeling at some point. And when they do, homeowners should only entrust them to a home remodeling company that will honor their heritage and conserve their unique, exquisite beauty. Capozzi Design Build will do just that, so we’re the best home remodeling company for memorable Aurora homes!

Boston Heights Home Remodeling: Akron Service Areas

Boston Heights is a small village nestled between Cleveland and Akron. Though the headquarters of a major home furnishings retailer is in Boston Heights, the rural town is cozy and communal nonetheless. It hosts an annual craft show and holds a few historic sites. Boston Heights doesn’t have many homes in it, but the ones it does have are strong and loveable and worthy of renovations. At Capozzi Design Build, we love the people of Boston Heights, and we want them to love their homes. So, though Boston Heights is small, Capozzi Design Build extends our home remodeling services to it!

Hudson Home Remodeling: Akron Service Areas

Hudson is a well-sized city situated between Cleveland and Akron. The historic Hudson is over 200 years old and has had its fair share of memorable moments. For instance, Hudson was the home of John Brown, and he made his first public vow to destroy slavery there. The town was also part of the Underground Railroad. The notable nature of the city is evident in the architecture of its houses, as Hudson boasts a wealth of Colonial, Federal Colonial, Italianate, French Provincial, and Craftsman houses. These houses require updates that bring their rooms into the current century while keeping them connected to the previous centuries. To accomplish this, a home remodeling company must be able to make innovative upgrades with timeless aesthetics. And Capozzi Design Build can do just that for Hudson homeowners!

Macedonia Home Remodeling: Akron Service Areas

Macedonia is a modest town close to Akron. Its biblical name came from a joke among 19th college students. In the early 1900s, the town received another unique feature: Longwood Manor. The Tudor Revival sits on 300 acres of land and has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. The houses surrounding the manor adhere to other architectural styles, such as French Provincial, Colonial, Craftsman, Victorian, and Federal Colonial. With their more traditional American aesthetics, these houses are charming and welcoming. And the people of Macedonia deserve for them to remain so for years to come. Capozzi Design Build knows how comforting these family homes can be to homeowners, neighbors, and other citizens. So, we keep them going as long as possible!

Peninsula Home Remodeling: Akron Service Areas

Peninsula is one of the tiniest towns near Cleveland and even in Ohio. However, though the town is small, it has a long history. It also has many impressive examples of Western Reserve architecture throughout, such as Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Stick, Craftsman, and Colonial. Peninsula’s beguiling old houses are proof that even minute towns need extensive home remodeling services. Capozzi Design Build counts Peninsula as one of our service areas so these precious homes receive the best care!

Twinsburg Home Remodeling: Akron Service Areas

Twinsburg is another mid-sized city standing between Cleveland and Akron. It got its name from a set of twins who owned much of the land in the early 1800s. And in 1976, Twinsburg began holding a yearly festival for twins called Twin Days. It’s now the largest gathering of twins in the world! The town of Twinsburg is a welcoming place, and its houses share that quality. Dozens of Colonial, Craftsman, French Provincial, Federal Colonial, and Georgian Colonial abodes evidence the fact that Twinsburg is a pleasant place to live. Capozzi Design Build wants to keep it that way, so we have Twinsburg home remodeling services!

Northeast Ohio Home Remodeling

We love helping the hospitable people of these delightful towns modify their homes to the point of perfection. We travel all through the Greater Cleveland area to reach our clients and create their dream homes. Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Cuyahoga River valley, the Chagrin River valley, and other scenic locales serve as ideal backdrops for the beautiful homes we remodel. Capozzi Design Build exists so that Ohioans flourish in houses that meet their needs and enrich their lives in every possible way. There’s nowhere else we’d rather work!

If you don’t see your city among our service areas, don’t worry. We can still supply you with our exceptional home remodeling services. Just contact us to start. We’re the local home remodeling company for Northeast Ohio!