Completing a kitchen remodel is one of the most effective ways to improve your home’s functionality and strengthen your family’s connection. In fact, Cleveland kitchen remodeling services can correct the complicated configurations and bad flow that plague the kitchens of many Northeast Ohio houses. With a Cleveland kitchen remodel, your kitchen can become the palatial cooking place you’ve always dreamed of.

Every kitchen remodel is different. And the cost of the average kitchen remodel varies greatly according to the number of interior, exterior, load-bearing, or non-structural walls modified, the square footage of the area, the difficulty accessing the area, and the quality of the materials selected.

But kitchen remodeling is so transformative that you’ll want to understand the typical investment before you begin. By referring to the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report for Cleveland, you can lay the foundation for your kitchen remodeling budget. Then, you can get a more exact estimate from your local Cleveland home remodeling company. A design-build home remodeling company can ensure that your budget funds all of your priorities in order to create a kitchen you love to be in.


Cleveland Kitchen Remodeling Costs: How Much Should a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Midrange Kitchen Remodel: $120,000 to $160,000+

A midrange kitchen remodel redesigns the existing cabinet configuration of a moderate-sized, outdated kitchen between 100-210 square feet in order to create the workflow that performs best for the homeowner. Consequently, a midrange kitchen remodel goes further than a minor kitchen remodel. A minor kitchen remodel maintains the same layout while refreshing primary finishes.

A midrange kitchen remodel allows you to select high-quality materials with high durability ratings but not any luxury elements. This level of kitchen remodel could also involve updating a few additional elements outside of the immediate kitchen area, such as windows or patio doors. However, auxiliary renovations such as these depend on the layout of the kitchen.

Most midrange kitchen remodels use basic-level semi-custom cabinetry. However, with a slightly higher investment, some midrange kitchen remodels can incorporate luxury add-ons such as quartz countertops, tile floors, or a walk-in pantry.

Expanded Kitchen Remodel: $160,000 to $200,000+

A major upscale kitchen remodel typically involves expanding the view of the kitchen as it connects to other family areas on the first floor. This type of remodel may also create larger glass openings in the kitchen to usher in more sunlight.  A major upscale kitchen remodel affords more flexible layout options. Plus, it can also include premium and custom solutions for your home’s unique design. 

In an expanded kitchen remodel, cabinetry is high-end semi-custom or custom and crafted by a cabinet and millwork shop. These cabinets are of furniture-grade quality. Furthermore, the cabinet shop that builds the cabinets will collaborate with you to incorporate specific and stunning storage solutions into the design of the cabinets. Then they will make cabinets specifically for your home and your lifestyle. An expanded kitchen remodel provides us with the amount of creativity we need to produce almost any material or design idea you can dream up.

The budget of a major upscale kitchen remodel can account for any architectural form. It’s also solely equipped to cover the more labor-intensive cabinet styles. For instance, modern-style cabinets often require a higher investment due to the tight tolerances and clean lines with small spaces between doors, drawers, and appliances.

Moreover, the appliance packages for expanded kitchen remodels feature commercial-grade stoves, wall ovens, separate countertop cooktops, wine refrigerators, and high-performance range hoods.

Finally, the price point of this level of kitchen remodel gives you the chance to fund the design and selections that matter most to you. With a lower budget, countertop options would encompass a variety of granite and quartz. With a higher budget, countertops could utilize more expensive grades of quartz and granite as well as custom elements like waterfall edges and full-stone backsplashes for a truly special appearance.

Kitchen Bump Out: $75,000 to $150,000

Many kitchen remodeling cost estimates are based on a space of 200 square feet. Consequently, a smaller kitchen possesses fewer opportunities for altering the layout. What’s more, sometimes even 200 square feet doesn’t grant enough room to achieve your ideal vision for your kitchen. So, whether your kitchen is 200 square feet or not, you may benefit from a kitchen bump out.

A bump out is a miniature home addition. It extends the size of your home without adding an entirely new room. Though a bump out often requires a full foundation, it costs less than a full room addition. During a kitchen remodel, increasing the total cost by 20-30% might not be such a significant extension of your budget. But using a bump out to expand your kitchen may supply you with all the space you need to make your kitchen dreams come true. And considering how expensive moving is, funding a kitchen bump out to get a bigger kitchen is a reasonable cost alternative.

How Much Does a Cleveland Kitchen Remodel Cost

Factors That Influence the Cost of Your Cleveland Kitchen: What Is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

The quality of materials is one of the most influential factors for your kitchen remodeling costs. Other remodeling components and services that will affect your final total include changes to your kitchen layout, labor, and design services.

Kitchen Layout Changes

Implementing a new kitchen layout can help you make the most of your space. But, it will also require additional work on plumbing, electrical, walls, and flooring. A Cleveland kitchen remodel that alters the layout of the space can cost $80,000 or more.

Labor and Installation

Labor and installation can cost $6,000 or more. The more extensive plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work required, the higher labor costs will be. Basically, labor and installation charges can comprise about 18%-35% of the total renovation expenditure.

Certified Kitchen Designer

To receive a stunning kitchen that runs like a well-oiled machine and inspires like a work of art, you should work with one of the best design-build home remodeling companies in your area.

A Certified Kitchen Designer will conceptualize the ideal kitchen design that suits your aesthetic preferences, supports your lifestyle, and satisfies all your needs and desires. They’ll ensure that you love every inch of your kitchen.

Kitchen design services can cost at least 3% of your budget. Charges for kitchen design services involve a flat fee for an in-home consultation and the designer’s hourly fee. However, more in-depth design services, such as 3D renderings, coordination with contractors and supplies, material and color selections, and support and management for the entirety of your Cleveland kitchen remodel, can increase the design overhead to $25,000 or more.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Northeast Ohio Kitchen Remodeling Costs by Town

If you don’t live in Cleveland but rather dwell in a slightly smaller northeast Ohio town in the greater Cleveland area, then kitchen remodeling pricing can differ in your exact location.

Cleveland is one of the least expensive American cities in which to remodel a kitchen. So, the cost of your Cleveland area kitchen remodel should be below average for the nation.

Cleveland Heights Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Cleveland Heights was founded in 1903 and has a population of about 45,000 people. On the cost of living index, in which the national average is 100, Cleveland Heights has a cost of living score of 81.8. Therefore, living in Cleveland Heights is almost 20% less expensive than the average American city.

Cleveland Heights has five different ZIP codes, and kitchen remodeling costs vary among them. Average prices for major kitchen remodels with upscale materials fall between $69,817-$198,982.

Shaker Heights Kitchen Remodeling Costs

The city of Shaker Heights was established in 1911. Currently, the city has a population of approximately 29,000. Shaker Height’s cost of living (COL) score is 94.7. So, it is only about 5% less expensive than the national average. 

Shaker Heights has 3 different ZIP codes, so among them, costs for major kitchen remodels with upscale materials average $133,154-$218,626.

Solon Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Serving as a town center for Solon Township, Solon became a village in 1927 and a city in 1961. Solon has a population of around 24,000 people and a COL score of 102.7. Therefore, the cost of living in Solon is almost 3% more expensive than the national average.

Within Solon’s one ZIP code, the average major kitchen remodel with the highest quality materials is $262,542.

Hudson Kitchen Remodeling Costs

After being settled in 1799, Hudson, Ohio, was incorporated in 1837 and become a village in 1994. During this time, the city amassed a population of roughly 23,000 people. Hudson’s COL score is 108. So, living in Hudson will cost you 8% more than living in the average American city.

Hudson’s one ZIP code reveals that the average cost of a major kitchen remodel with premium materials is $289,134.

Twinsburg Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Twinsburg originated in 1819 and now has a population of about 19,000. With a COL of 91.4, Twinsburg is almost 9% cheaper to live in than the average American city.

Twinsburg only has one ZIP code. Within this area, the average major kitchen remodel with upscale materials can come to $186,610.

Aurora Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Like Hudson, Aurora, Ohio, was initially settled in 1799. It became a village in 1929 and a city in 1971. Its population is approximately 17,000 people, and its COL is 100.5. Therefore, as far as its cost of living is concerned, it’s pretty much an average American city.

Aurora has one ZIP code, so average major kitchen remodels with luxury materials can total $227,086.

Chagrin Falls Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Chagrin Falls, Ohio, came to be in 1837. The village is pretty small, with a population of around 4,000. Its COL is 103.1, which is just 3% higher than the national average.

A major kitchen remodel with superior materials can average $329,358.

Increased Home Value with a Cleveland Kitchen Remodel

How much does a kitchen remodel increase home value?

If you plan to sell your house in the next year or so, then you can improve your chances of getting top dollar for your home with a kitchen remodel. When surveyed, 80% of people shopping for a home named the kitchen among their top three most important spaces in a home. And a majority of them said they would have paid more money for a home if the kitchen had contained certain perks, like new appliances or granite countertops. Therefore, remodeling your kitchen will help you make more money on your home.

If you plan to enjoy your remodeled kitchen for a few years, then kitchen remodeling is definitely worth your while. The Cost vs. Value Report finds the costs recouped for a major kitchen remodel with upscale materials in Cleveland was about 50%. Similar pricing authorities such as Houzz and HomeAdvisor predict an ROI of 45-75% on a kitchen remodel. These percentages prove that remodeling your Cleveland kitchen allows you to live better in your current home and then make some good money back when you’re ready to sell.

However, you should know that the other homes in your area will affect the size of your return after resale. If the materials in your kitchen are a lower grade than those in your neighbors’ kitchens, then your resale value might not be as high. Additionally, outdated styles will negatively impact your kitchen’s appeal to potential buyers. For this reason, working with a well-qualified design-build firm to accomplish a timeless architectural style and well-conceived working layout is a must.

How Much Does a Cleveland Kitchen Remodel Cost

Cleveland Kitchen Remodeling with Capozzi

Understanding kitchen remodeling costs is a foundational first step in the kitchen remodeling process. And you can only take this step successfully with the help of an expert kitchen remodeling company.

Capozzi Design Build can lead you through a total kitchen remodel from design to completion. We can also ensure that you stay on budget while doing so. We can even help you establish your budget in the first place.

One way that Capozzi provides a unique and more personalized kitchen remodeling experience is to offer options of different price points for all the components of your new kitchen. That way, your budget can cover the things that matter most to you in your kitchen remodel.

At Capozzi, we’re always aware of the current prices, latest trends, and future direction of design in kitchen remodeling. We’ll ensure you maximize your budget to get the kitchen you really love because that will give you the best return on your money and on your enjoyment. Contact us today to learn more about our kitchen remodeling services!