Some of the best memories with loved ones are made in the kitchen. Whether we’re flipping pancakes with the kids for Saturday morning breakfast, baking cookies with the grandkids for the holiday season, or mixing up indulgent cocktails with friends or coworkers to toast success, we’re using our kitchens to enjoy special moments with our favorite people. So, if your kitchen can’t rise to these occasions with functionality and flair, then you may need a Cleveland kitchen remodel. But because the process takes time and money, you may be wondering, “Is a kitchen remodel worth it?” This list of 9 benefits specifically reveals how remodeling your kitchen lets you elevate your lifestyle. 


Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It? 9 Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen

1. A Kitchen Renovation Creates a Safer Kitchen

The older your house is, the more worn it will be. But due to the fact that the kitchen is one of the most heavily used rooms in the house, it can wear down much faster than the other rooms.

As a result, you may already be dealing with creaking floors, chipped paint, dripping faucets, cracked walls, peeling countertops, broken cabinets, outdated appliances, and more. All of these issues not only inhibit food preparation, but they also endanger kitchen occupants. Obviously, such obstacles keep you from making the most of your kitchen. Consequently, addressing kitchen atrophy is one of the best reasons to remodel your kitchen.

With a kitchen renovation, you can replace the flooring, restore the plumbing, swap out the cabinets, change up the countertops, update the appliances, and more. You can even gut the space completely and start over from scratch so that every component is fresh, new, and faultlessly functional.

Creating a Healthier Kitchen

To effectively transform your kitchen from a hazard to the heart of the home, you should trust your kitchen remodel to a Shaker Heights professional kitchen remodeling company. A home remodeling company will save you time and effort. Plus, they’ll also spare you from any perilous predicaments your dilapidated kitchen might put you in. With their knowledge and expertise, they can safely remove mangled materials and repair comprised constructions.

After that, they can install the most high-quality materials using the most secure methods. They’ll also follow the strictest safety standards to ensure your entire kitchen is up to code. No matter how old your home is, a professional kitchen remodeling company can make it as good as new. So, when it comes to protecting and providing for your family, a Cleveland Heights kitchen remodel is completely worth it.

2. Kitchen Remodeling Produces an Improved Kitchen Layout

A poor kitchen layout can plague both old and new kitchens alike. Sometimes, your kitchen has a particular configuration because it was easy to build, not because it is easy to use. In those cases, working in your kitchen may feel like navigating your way through a maze. So, is the setup of your kitchen slowing you down and prolonging the meal prep process? Then you would benefit from the better layout that a kitchen remodel provides.

With a Hudson kitchen remodel, you can rearrange your kitchen however you like. Even better, by working with a professional kitchen remodeling company, you can correct all of your kitchen’s layout flaws and optimize every inch for efficient cooking. The designers at a professional kitchen remodeling company can map out the ideal kitchen layout for you and your family. That way, making food doesn’t turn into a rat race.

Better Kitchen Layout Ideas

For example, if you’d love a kitchen island with extra countertop space and a second sink, the Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) working at a professional kitchen remodeling company can determine how to insert one into your kitchen. If you wish your kitchen encompassed a cozy breakfast nook for sipping a cup of coffee, a CKD can calculate how to carve one out for you.

If knocking down a wall is the key to keeping your kitchen open and airy without sacrificing storage space, a CKD will know it. Or if it’s possible to pull a pantry out of the air that surrounds your kitchen, a CKD will reveal how to do it. 

Is all you see when you look at your kitchen is a conglomeration of bad decisions that has you too stumped to fix on your own? Don’t worry! A professional kitchen remodeling company in Solon has the discerning eye you need to fine-tune your kitchen layout to perfection for you and your family.

3. Home Kitchen Remodeling Corrects Kitchen Functionality

Another issue with which your kitchen may struggle is restricted functionality. Unfortunately, no matter how old your kitchen is, it may feature inaccessible cabinets, unsightly soffits, chopped-up counter space, or overextending appliances. In this case, your kitchen could use a renovation that empowers each cooking component to fulfill its original purpose. And a professional home remodeling company in Twinsburg has the insight to deliver such a renovation.

Solving Your Kitchen’s Performance Problems

For instance, a top kitchen remodeling company can help you overcome limited cabinet space by determining how to put in a pantry. It can be any size, from a slim little pull-out pantry cabinet to a full-on walk-in pantry. Say you’d like to free up some more counter space. In that case, seasoned kitchen remodelers can position your microwave among the lower cabinets. Or, they can craft a pull-out countertop specifically for your stand mixer.

What’s more, your kitchen remodel planner can bring a built-in desk into your kitchen. That way, you have a clean space to write notes on your recipes. Of course, a wise kitchen remodeler knows that every kitchen must form the ideal work triangle among the refrigerator, stove, and sink. So, your Beachwood kitchen remodeler will be sure to fabricate that for you. Bumping out the bulkhead and extending your cabinets up to the ceiling is another no-brainer for leaving you with a surplus of storage. And your local kitchen remodeling company in University Heights can manage it!

Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It
Galley Sink

Usually, the kitchen consumes a good chunk of space in the home. Consequently, a kitchen that’s not in peak working condition is wasting resources. It’s also canceling chances to relish special moments with your family and friends. Thankfully, with an expert kitchen remodel in Macedonia, you can convert your kitchen from a productivity dead-end to a premier destination for good times.

4. A Professional Kitchen Remodel Yields a Low-Maintenance Kitchen

Kitchens require a lot of love and care to stay in tip-top shape. However, when covered in certain materials, some kitchens steadily slip into ruin no matter how hard you try.

Hard-to-maintain materials include laminate that can stain or peel; grouted tile that can look grimy; and even marble or stainless steel, which can undergo scratches, gouges, smudges, dents, and chips all too easily.

Furthermore, particleboard or fiberboard cabinets can lose loose screws or sag from water damage. And solid wood floors and carpeting can harbor rot or mold due to excess moisture exposure.

So, to equip your kitchen to last for decades to come, you must replace these insufficient substances with more durable and user-friendly stuff. During a professional kitchen remodel, you can incorporate higher-quality materials like soapstone, quartz, or solid-surface material countertops, hardwood cabinets, and tile or vinyl flooring.

And when you work with an award-winning local kitchen remodeling company in Aurora, you won’t have to worry about figuring out which low-maintenance mediums will be best for your lifestyle. Instead, you can just talk with a certified kitchen designer (CKD), and they’ll reveal which products would present the best kitchen remodel for you.

5. A Kitchen Renovation Assembles a More Convenient Kitchen

One mark of a truly successful kitchen redo is increased convenience. To fashion a more convenient kitchen, your remodel must utilize cunning design to rectify the shortcomings of your current kitchen.

How exactly does kitchen design prioritize convenience? Well, it ditches cabinet doors for open shelving. Or, it installs a second sink in the island. It may even shorten cabinets to accommodate more countertop appliances or a coffee station.

Adding recessed or under-cabinet lighting illuminates a dark kitchen, while lining the underside of the upper cabinets with outlet strips or tucking pop-up outlets into the corners of the countertops prevents any more outlet shortages.

Another way to supplement your kitchen’s expedience is to expand your kitchen’s brain so that your own brain doesn’t have to work so hard while cooking. To do so, just stock your kitchen with smart appliances, such as:

  • A refrigerator that practically writes your grocery list for you
  • An oven that won’t let you burn the turkey
  • A faucet that measures out the exact amount of water you want
  • A pressure cooker that tells you when your food is ready
  • A coffee maker that has a pot ready when you are

These are just a few ideas for enhancing the convenience of your kitchen so you can maximize the time and effort you commit to cooking.

6. Kitchen Remodeling Generates a More Spacious Kitchen

You may not be able to come up with any better configurations for your cramped kitchen, but a certified kitchen designer in Pepper Pike certainly can. A CKD sees your kitchen as an intriguing spatial puzzle that they’re dying to solve. And when they do, your kitchen will feel much bigger.

The best kitchen designers can relocate the refrigerator so that its open doors don’t block the walkway. Or, they can turn a peninsula into an island in order to make more pathways through the kitchen.

Under the guidance and direction of a CKD, walls can come down to make way for more seating. Or, walls can go up to hold more cabinets.

In order to make your kitchen bigger, you may need to rearrange a few other rooms as well. However, in the end, you’ll not only have more capacity to cook but also more comfort to live.

7. Kitchen Home Improvement Affords a More Attractive Kitchen

Sometimes, your kitchen just has one glaring flaw: it’s hideous. But if you have an ugly kitchen, is a kitchen remodel worth it? Yes, because even a ghastly kitchen can still be an overwhelming issue.

For individuals who experience a deep connection to aesthetics, the unsightliness of an aged kitchen can constantly repel us. They can also render the rest of the house less appealing as well. And living with a visually revolting room would inhibit our ability to feel refreshed and inspired in our own home. We may even feel emotionally and psychologically stunted as well. Furthermore, we won’t feel comfortable with company in the house, so our social lives will also decline steadily.

Our homes offer some of the only spaces in the world where we can give our self-expression free reign. For this reason, many people savor the task of personalizing their homes and styling the place according to their unique tastes. Completing this process empowers a collection of rooms to meld into a calming retreat of release, rest, and revitalization.

Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It
European Renovation Kitchen

But altering the design of the kitchen can seem like such a formidable task that plenty of people delay it for years and years. With a host of cabinets, huge chunks of countertop, hefty appliances, and more, the kitchen is a conglomerate of imposing systems that intimidates many of us. Never feeling quite ready to remodel it is easy to understand.

Working with a Certified Kitchen Designer

However, design-build kitchen remodeling companies exist to handle every step of the remodeling process and leave you with nothing to worry about along the way. When you work with a CKD, they’ll listen to your descriptions of your lifestyle, your list of wants and needs, and your stylistic preferences. Then, they’ll get your vision down on paper and present a stunning and entirely suitable design.

As your Willoughby Hills kitchen remodeling company works through each remodeling phase, the CKD may modify the design if necessary. And they’ll work with you to finalize all of the best materials, shapes, and colors for your kitchen. But you’ll never have to stress about the new look of your kitchen because the CKD will ensure that you love it. They’ll deliver your dream kitchen so that, in the end, all you have to do is enjoy it!

8. Kitchen Renovations Give Rise to an Eco-Friendlier Kitchen

Some people love a vintage kitchen. But no one loves a wasteful kitchen. And unfortunately, these are often one and the same.  

Old kitchens usually contain outmoded appliances that are very electrically inefficient. Or, they may rely on deteriorating plumbing and hot water heater that squander water. Therefore, updating these elements of your kitchen with more energy-efficient versions allows you to save money and the earth to save resources.

Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Kitchen

With modern appliances, you can revel in a more luxurious kitchen while actually lowering your energy bills. Such a winning combination is possible thanks to appliances like dishwashers that are 12% more energy efficient and 30% more water efficient and new refrigerators that are at least 9% more efficient than those that only satisfy the minimum energy efficiency standards.

What’s more, you can bring your water bills down by replacing your hot water heater and leaky pipes. And for even greater savings on electricity, you can insert a skylight or sun tunnel.

Swapping your old appliances out for more energy efficient ones is a costly upgrade, but it’s worthwhile due to the fact that your energy efficient appliances will reduce your energy bills and thereby save you money over time. Also, you may be able to get state, local, or utility rebates to help lower your upfront costs. You may even be able to get a rebate for recycling your old-fashioned appliances.

For these reasons, a kitchen renovation serves as a valuable opportunity to act in the best interests of your family and your planet.  

9. Kitchen Updates Raise Your Home’s Resale Value

Are you likely to sell your house now or in the future? If not, then you can delight in the results of a kitchen remodel as long as you like. But if you do intend to sell at some point, then refining the kitchen with professional remodeling will entice other people to delight in your home instead.

Unfortunately, even if your house presents plenty of other merits, an antiquated kitchen will easily distract potential buyers from them. On the other hand, an exquisitely designed, highly efficient kitchen can outweigh an assortment of deficiencies and convince potential buyers to enter a bidding war if necessary.

Interested parties will feel much more comfortable making themselves at home in your house now and then renovating other areas later if they want because the new stylish, streamlined kitchen will prove that they’re getting a good deal.

Finally, when several different groups are all vying for your house, you’re sure to get a great offer. And at that point, you’ll get a solid return on your investment in your kitchen.

So, if you plan to put your house on the market, then you should plan to partner with a professional kitchen remodeling company. They’ll make the safest and most financially savvy updates to your kitchen.

One of the Most Worthwhile Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

In conclusion, some notable advantages of remodeling your kitchen are increased safety, functionality, efficiency, allure, and value. But the best way to lock down these gains is to entrust your kitchen remodel to a kitchen remodeling company. Not only will the right kitchen remodeling company supply you with your dream kitchen, but they’ll also be a dream to work with.

When you team up with the most top-notch kitchen remodeling company in the Cleveland area, you can adore the new design of your kitchen, elevate your family’s lifestyle, save time, effort, and trouble, and start living your new normal as soon as possible. Plus, you can also have some fun and make new friends.

At Capozzi Design Build, we consider all of our clients family. Therefore, we treat them as well as we treat our loved ones by discovering their needs, prioritizing their safety, respecting their communication, and prizing their happiness. With our award-winning creativity and amazing customer service, we’ll go above and beyond for your kitchen remodel. When you work with Capozzi Design Build, the answer to the question, “Is a kitchen remodel worth it?” is always, “Yes!” Learn more about our kitchen remodeling services today or contact us to get started!