Home remodeling is a big deal! But if you partner with the perfect home remodeling company, it can be life-changing. Finding the best remodeling company sounds overwhelming, but you can do it by following expert advice. To start your search, compile a list of 10-15 home remodeling and design-build remodeling companies in your area. Then, narrow your list to the top 3-5 companies before choosing your favorite. Ready to begin? This information will help you find the best home remodeling company for you.


5 First Steps to Finding the Best Home Remodeling Company

1. Know what you want

Your home remodeling will go faster and more smoothly if you have a solid understanding of your goals for your space. The room(s) you want to improve, the main issues in each room that you want to address, and the design styles you like – establish these and other pertinent details before you hire anyone. If you don’t have a plan, you risk going over budget, having to backtrack, or even derailing your remodel.

Once you know what you want, you can trust that the best home remodeling company will check every item off your list and meet all your needs. And the best design-build remodeling company will exceed your expectations by fulfilling your desires with creative solutions and unique suggestions.

2. Research the costs

The home remodels of today cost more than those of the past. But the best home remodeling company still does high-quality work with high-quality products for a fair price. You won’t know exactly what your project will cost until you discuss your goals with a design-build remodeling company and get a detailed estimate. However, you should familiarize yourself with current home remodeling costs in advance to develop a more accurate idea of your budget.

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3. Get recommendations

The words of others are of utmost importance in your search for the ideal design-build remodeling company. They will supply you with a wealth of information about what working with each of your home remodeling company candidates is like. For this reason, you should collect as many recommendations as you can.

Your sources should include:

  • friends
  • family
  • neighbors
  • suppliers
  • employees
  • client testimonials
  • social media comments
  • real estate agents
  • building inspectors
  • online reviews

The more objective feedback you receive on the design-build remodelers you’re considering, the better. And, of course, the more positive impressions people have of a remodeling company, the better that company is for your project.

4. Have realistic expectations for the timeline

The best design-build remodeling company will go above and beyond for your satisfaction. However, you should still familiarize yourself with the normal process of a home remodel. A reputable design-build remodeling company will begin by getting to know you, your home, and your vision for your living spaces. Then, they will work with you to finalize your project’s design, budget, and timeline.

Next, a design-build remodeling company will demolish the old materials in the space before installing new, high-quality materials they have sourced. They will cover every part of the design-build process so you only have to work with one company for your entire remodel.

Ask the home remodeling companies you’re considering when your remodel can begin and how long it will take. If they can’t answer these questions confidently and clearly, you should scratch their name off your list of candidates.

5. Compare the portfolios of home remodeling companies

You should be able to find portfolios for the home remodeling companies you’re considering on their websites. A good portfolio includes at least 10 projects with high-quality before, during, and after photos for each project. If you suspect the portfolio on their website isn’t up to date, ask the home remodeling company for pictures of projects they completed in the last year.

In these photos, you’ll want to see a good selection of finished projects ranging in designs, layouts, materials, and features. As you peruse these portfolios, look for projects similar to yours, styles that intrigue you, and floorplans that mimic your own. If you see several examples of spaces you’d like to live in, then the design-build remodeling company responsible for those spaces should move up your list. Conversely, if you see projects that don’t meet your standards, that home remodeling company won’t meet your standards either. Generally, they highlight what they consider to be their best work.

You want to choose the right design-build remodeling company for the right project. So, securing a remodeler specializing in projects like yours would be a win.

If one of your potential home remodeling companies doesn’t have a portfolio on their website, you can check Google, Bing, Facebook, or Instagram for images. If you strike out on those sites, you should move on from that home remodeling company.

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Working with the Best Home Remodeling Company

Finding the best design-build remodeling company for you is a big job that requires lots of time and energy. But you deserve to love the results of your remodel. And the extraordinary experience you’ll receive from design-build remodelers is worthwhile.

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