One of the most important things you can do is preserve the physical health of yourself and your loved ones. You know that eating nutritious, home-cooked meals is key to healthy living. But do you know the many ways in which a healthy kitchen can nurture your well-being?

At Capozzi Design Build, we’ve seen the kitchen evolve from a room furnished with cooking basics to a place filled with innovations for keeping families in peak condition. Our kitchens can do so much more for our bodies than ever before. And at Capozzi, we know all the ways your kitchen can care for your physical state.

Whether we’re completing a full kitchen renovation or a focused kitchen refresh, we take a holistic approach. We consider not just the food you eat, but also the water you drink and the air you breathe. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, use this information to discover the essentials for a healthy kitchen that nourishes the whole of you.

Healthy Kitchen Essentials: Water Filtration

A vital part of self-care is ensuring what we put into our bodies is clean. This is especially true for water. Our bodies consist of anywhere from 45-75% water, so cleaner water is better for us. Consequently, a water filtration system is a staple of a healthy kitchen.

At Capozzi, we don’t think the kitchen remodeling industry focuses enough on clean water. So, we’ve taken it up ourselves to tell you about the many options for adding water filtration to your space. These options range from a whole-home filter to a drinking water-only filter.

In fact, there are so many water filtration companies and products on the market, that you must be careful. You can’t leave such a significant decision to chance. As a result, Capozzi has vetted countless water filtration wares to provide you with the best ones. We offer simple to medical-grade water filtration systems for just the kitchen or the entire home. And we help our clients determine which kind they need during the discovery intake process.

Healthy Kitchen Essentials: Multi-Purpose Appliances

When your kitchen makes prepping, cooking, and cleaning easier, then eating healthy is easier. And thankfully, many modern appliances simplify the meal-making process. For example, a multi-purpose secondary oven combines different heating systems, such as electrical elements, fans, air fryers, and more. With such an oven, you can simultaneously cook meat, vegetables, and bread!

Other appliances that encourage more nutritious eating include steam ovens, multi-purpose cookers, induction cooktops, and smaller appliances such as juicers, soup makers, and infusers.

We can help you find the perfect combination of appliances that takes you to the next level of wellness!

Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen Essentials: Multi-Functional Sink

How can your kitchen plumbing support your physical soundness? With a multi-functional sink that helps you eat better and relax more.

A multi-functional sink is usually larger than a standard sink and includes different accessories that elevate your serving and entertaining game. These sinks also incorporate enhanced design features that streamline dishwashing and cleanup. Of course, they benefit your cooking the most when these sinks are configured properly into your kitchen design.

At Capozzi, we have watched multi-functional sinks progress over the last decade. Anne Capozzi actually knows one of the inventors of such a sink. This inventor is an amazing kitchen designer who loves cooking and family gatherings. He has changed the industry forever with his innovation.

Anne has also seen exciting developments in faucets and other components for the sink at recent kitchen and bath shows. For example, there are now water sources specifically for rinsing vegetables and glasses. Clearly, the future of kitchen plumbing is here!

Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen Essentials: Personalized Design

Another major factor in creating a healthy kitchen is personalizing the design of your kitchen to your current lifestyle and future goals. And the best way to get a custom kitchen design is to work with the experts at Capozzi Design Build.

Our team approach utilizes decades of experience and excels in organization, timeliness, communication, and high-quality craftsmanship. With our kitchen remodeling services, we handle everything from the initial concept through to construction. And we know that design is a process, so we continue to adjust the plans as necessary until you’ve received a kitchen that meets your every need and exceeds your expectations.

To have a healthier kitchen, maybe you need a hydroponic indoor garden. Maybe you need custom cabinetry that stores all your small appliances so your countertops stay clear. No matter what you envision for your dream kitchen, Capozzi can build it. Contact us today to begin designing your healthy kitchen!

Healthy Kitchen