We chose Capozzi Design Build to design and remodel the worn out 1990’s kitchen in our circa 1920 home and are delighted with the results. The finished product is a truly unique space that is beautiful to look at and functions like a well-designed tool. We have very strong opinions and standards regarding design, but also value the contribution that working with an experienced designer can bring to the process. We discussed the design with Anne and provided our ideas with the qualification that better ideas would be welcome. Indeed, better ideas were provided! Capozzi’s proposed design made excellent use of our space and incorporated the clean modern design we were looking for, but in a way that we would not have conceived of on our own. The remodeling and installation were also performed by Capozzi, and the quality of the work is outstanding. Kevin managed or performed the construction and installation with care and great attention to detail. The work was substantially finished within the two month timeline promised and, equally as important on a two month project, the project area was clean and orderly at the end of every day.The kitchen design and installation have turned out so well that we added another phase to the project and are working with Capozzi on remodeling a half bath adjacent to the kitchen, incorporating some of the same design elements. Like the kitchen design, Capozzi had great ideas for the space that we would not have conceived of on our own.Highly recommended.