All full baths include the same main elements: shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink. So, other than its location off the primary (master) bedroom, what distinguishes a primary (master) bathroom from any other full bath?

Well, unlike other full bathrooms, primary (master) bathrooms can serve as private retreats for the homeowners. A master bathroom can become a personal oasis that soothes and spoils occupants in the lap of luxury. Anyone looking to unwind, de-stress, and relax as long as possible should find their primary bathroom perfectly prepared to oblige.

So, in order to produce an idyllic spot for self-indulgence in your home, consider these master bathroom remodel ideas. They offer a refreshing perspective on the staples of primary bathrooms.


7 Luxury Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

1. Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Bathtubs

These days, separate bathtubs act as the crown jewels of master bathrooms. So, if you have enough space to add one to your bathroom, you should certainly consider it. Treating yourself to a separate bathtub is currently one of the top master bathroom remodel ideas.

Bathtubs can come in all kinds of shapes and styles. For instance, you can have a round, oval, square, or corner bathtub. And your bathtub could be made of acrylic, cast iron, composite, copper, glass, wood, or stone. Finally, you may choose a clawfoot bathtub, drop-in bathtub, freestanding bathtub, soaking bathtub, or walk-in bathtub, among other options.

To create a true spa experience in your bathroom, you may prefer an air jet bathtub that gently caresses you or a whirlpool bathtub that massages your deep tissues.  

Whichever type of tub you select, you’ll be establishing your primary bathroom as a grand space by placing the bathtub front and center.

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas-6

A separate bathtub makes a bold statement in a primary bathroom.

2. Shower Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If the bathtub in the primary bathroom is a work of art, then the shower is an art gallery. Master bathrooms that boast walk-in showers equipped with the latest features help you do so much more than clean your body. Instead, they supply the senses with a host of exhilarating experiences.

Showerhead Remodel Ideas

For starters, the number and type of showerheads determine how blissful showering can be.  You could put any combination of the following showerheads into your shower:

  • Body showerheads
  • Ceiling-mounted showerheads
  • Concealed showerheads
  • Exposed rain showerheads
  • Handheld showerheads
  • Multi-setting showerheads
  • Single-setting showerheads
  • Shower towers
  • Waterfall showerheads

However, top bathroom remodelers always recommend counting a handheld showerhead among your fixtures. A handheld showerhead simplifies the process of rinsing specific body parts, washing pets and kids, and cleaning the shower walls.

Additionally, if you want to make every shower as pleasant as possible, consider putting the shower controls on the opposite side of the shower as the showerhead. That way, you can control the temperature and intensity of the water without getting all wet as you do so.

Shower Material Remodel Ideas

Next, the look and feel of your shower will impact how well your shower can transport you to another place. You could have a curved walk-in shower made with engineered quartz. You could have a rectangular no-threshold shower comprised of marble. Or, you could have a fully tiled wet room. A wet room is a totally waterproofed bathroom in which the shower area is level with the rest of the room and almost entirely open. A non-porous tile, such as porcelain or ceramic, is the easiest to maintain in a wet room.

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas
Walk-in, fully tiled showers are convenient and low-maintenance.

Depending on the material you favor, the walls of your shower may come in soothing natural hues, bold contrasting colors, artistic patterns, or abstract shapes. To make the decision easier, just focus on which possibilities feel most calming to you.

Other shower master bathroom remodel ideas that can add to the sense of opulence involve shower doors, shower seating, and shower storage. Unadorned glass shower doors are unassuming and chic, while a grid pattern adds some drama. But your shower door can hinge, pivot, or slide no matter what it looks like. When you’re looking to stay awhile, shower seating is much appreciated. Seats and benches can be freestanding, built-in, or attached to the wall. Storage, another essential, can also comprise a tiled niche, attached shelf, or shower caddy. But most bathroom remodelers agree that a tiled niche in the wall is the most desirable version of shower storage. So, it’s another one of their top master bathroom remodel ideas.

3. Flooring Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Another significant primary bathroom component that allows you to make a major statement about your style and comfort levels is flooring. The flooring in master bathrooms should be beautiful, lavish, and low maintenance all at once. Therefore, some of your best choices are porcelain tile and natural stone.

Porcelain tile is more waterproof than ceramic tile, and it is also sophisticated, durable, and slip-resistant when textured. Porcelain tile can look however you want it to. And, it doesn’t require much help from you to stay gorgeous for years.

Natural stone such as marble, granite, and limestone is also extremely resistant to water absorption and wear and tear. Of course, natural stone is also stunning, so master bathrooms with this type of flooring have excellent resale value.

Best of all, porcelain tile and natural stone can be attractive and cozy thanks to the fact that you can lay radiant or heated flooring under either of them.  

Heated Primary Bathroom Floors

Master bathrooms that incorporate heated flooring allow you to increase the amount of pampering you enjoy on a daily basis. The pros of heated flooring are numerous. Heated flooring can retain heat for a long time, heat the floor discreetly, and reduce overall heating costs. The ideal time to lay radiant flooring is during new construction or a master bath remodel. So, be sure to include radiant flooring among the master bathroom remodel ideas you talk to your professional bathroom remodeling company about right away.

Other ways to set your bathroom up with convenient conductors of heat include mounting a heated towel rack to the wall, improving your shower with a waterproofing and electric floor heating kit, and backing your mirror with a defogger. Of course, a fireplace is among the most premium master bathroom remodel ideas for elevating the inherent warmth and splendor of your master bathroom, so be sure to partner with a bathroom remodeling company that knows how to install them.

4. Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Storage

A bathroom that’s not stocked with sufficient storage isn’t just annoying: it’s hellish. If your bathroom forces you to look elsewhere for essentials like towels, toilet paper, or even lotion or makeup, then it is unworthy of the master bathroom designation. So, don’t settle for such a disappointing primary bathroom.

Instead, work with a bathroom remodeling company to establish the superior master bathroom layout for securing a flawless storage situation. Home storage solutions for master bathrooms can encompass a custom cabinet vanity, extra custom cabinets, a built-in linen closet, a recessed medicine cabinet, and more. Furthermore, your primary bathroom storage can incorporate a mix of open shelving, closed shelving, cabinets, drawers, niches, and any other form necessary to guarantee a place for everything.

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas
Built-in custom storage lets you keep anything you want in the master bathroom.

As any good master bathroom remodeler knows, the best way to build an impeccably tailored primary bathroom is with storage that heeds the homeowner’s lifestyle. So, if the main master bathroom users slip into a bathrobe shortly after exiting the shower or bathtub, then placing a hidden hamper in the bathroom prevents dirty clothes and towels from piling up. Does the homeowner use an electric toothbrush, razor, or hair tool? If so, outlets hidden in drawers or medicine cabinets satisfy their demands for power without cluttering the countertop or breaking up the backsplash.

Basically, when you’re already putting the time and effort into a master bathroom remodel, you should consider how every last detail addresses your needs, wants, and wishes, especially the storage. Or, just trust your master bathroom design to a professional bathroom remodeling company! They’ve always got lots of master bathroom remodel ideas for storage and more.

5. Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Lighting

Because we do so much in the bathroom, lighting isn’t a one-size-fits-all bathroom basic. Rather, master bathroom lighting must account for the different atmospheres and activities people expect the bathroom to accommodate. Therefore, the best approach to bathroom lighting found among master bathroom remodel ideas is to layer it with a variety of light sources.

First of all, overhead lighting must be plentiful enough to illuminate every corner of the room, including the shower. A skylight, preferably one operable for ventilation, is a particularly outstanding supplier of overhead lighting in the shower.

Second, accent lights like sconces should frame the mirror in order to accurately illuminate your face. Relying on overhead lighting alone to groom and make up your face is unwise due to the fact that you’ll be left in the shadows.

Next, nightlights closer to the floor that come on when the room is dark stave off any middle-of-the-night slip and falls. Finally, decorative lights like chandeliers and pendants contribute to the aesthetics of the space by providing the appropriate touch of glitz and glam.

All in all, lighting sets the mood of a master bathroom, so you don’t want to skimp on it.

6. Seating Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Pulling up a chair is definitely not something people do in the typical bathroom. But in a spacious, exquisite primary bathroom, seating truly adds to the sumptuousness. Therefore, it’s one of the most indulgent master bathroom remodel ideas.

The location of said seating depends on your master bathroom layout. If you’ve afforded ample room around your showstopping bathtub, then you could position a sleek chair or bench next to the tub. Or, if your primary bathroom houses a vanity, whether separate or part of the cabinetry, you could place a glamorous chair there. If you have large windows in your primary bathroom, you could use built-ins to produce the base of a window seat. Or perhaps you just want something inviting in a corner by the sink.

Adhere to your master bathroom design to determine the appearance of your seating, but add it if you can, as seating helps make a plush primary bathroom one of a kind.

7. Technology Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When your primary bathroom acts as such a relaxing retreat, you don’t mind spending a lot of time there. But if you’re going to be in the bathroom for a while, you could use some entertainment. Bathroom-related technology includes just that and more, so don’t finish your master bathroom remodel without implementing some of it.

Bathroom Entertainment Remodel Ideas

We all know that the shower is for singing, but if you’d rather just listen to some music, then you’ll want a few shower speakers. They’re water-resistant and high-fidelity, so the suds won’t stop the tunes. Or, perhaps you’d prefer to watch your favorite show while you wash your cares away. In that case, consider tricking your shower out with a waterproof TV. One model integrates seamlessly into a mirror and comes with a floating remote. Both innovations are great for staving off boredom in the bathroom, so they’re first-class master bathroom remodel ideas.

However, the shower isn’t the only area of the bathroom that can amuse you. Instead, your vanity mirror could also contribute to your recreation with its built-in TV. A vanity mirror TV is set flush with the glass and disappears when you’re not watching. Plus, a medicine cabinet version still leaves you with plenty of space for your hygienic necessities on the shelves behind the glass.

Bathroom Hygiene Remodel Ideas

Another bathroom essential that’s gone high-tech is the toilet. Some smart toilets flush with the wave of your hand, but others have gone even farther by automatically opening and closing the lid, heating the seat, self-cleaning the bowl, and responding to remote control. They’re the toilets of the future, and they could also be a major upgrade to your master bathroom remodel.  

If you love to bathe in natural light in the bathtub, then you want plenty of windows in your bathroom. But you don’t want to sacrifice your privacy, so you can appreciate bathroom privacy glass. After it’s cut to size and plugged in, this adhesive film renders the glass transparent or opaque according to your control via an app.

Of course, the glass on your bathroom windows doesn’t have to be the smartest device you have in your bathroom. That title could also go to your smart shower, smart toilet, or even your smart bathroom mat. If you’re open to enhancing your primary bathroom with green home design, then you’ll be interested in smart water heaters and smart water monitors that encourage you to use water more efficiently. That way, you and the planet will both be better off after your master bathroom remodel.

Your Source for More Luxury Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Transforming your primary bathroom into a tranquil, elegant, modern retreat is the goal of every master bathroom remodel. But without the help of a professional bathroom remodeling company, achieving that goal with the right combination of master bathroom remodel ideas is easier said than done.

However, with their help, you’re sure to receive the master bathroom remodel of your dreams. Home remodeling companies that specialize in remodeling master bathrooms, like Capozzi Design Build, have a host of master bathroom remodel ideas like these (such as accessible bathroom renovations), so they can conceptualize and create your dream primary bathroom.

Capozzi Design Build also has the experience and expertise to do every part of your master bathroom remodel right. And they’ll treat you like family from the minute they meet you, so you’ll feel loved and cared for the duration of your project and beyond. So, if you’re ready to apply these master bathroom remodel ideas so you can revel in a magnificently remodeled master bathroom, contact us today!