Are you ready to remodel your house? That’s great! The benefits of remodeling are so numerous and life-changing that you won’t regret your remodel, so long as you work with the right people to get it done. Yes, the people you employ to conduct your kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or living room remodel are so important to the process that they can make or break the success of the project.

As you know, home remodeling is a major commitment. You must be prepared to invest a notable amount of time, effort, and finances into the job. As a result, you should get exactly what you want and what you need from your remodel and nothing less. And the only way you can do that is to thoroughly investigate your choices for your remodeling team.

Specifically, you want to determine if the organization you are considering is a remodeling company or a remodeling contractor. To ensure that you choose the option of remodeling assistance that’s best for you, discover the differences between a Cleveland remodeling company and a remodeling contractor.

Table of Contents

  1. The Definitions of a Remodeling Company and a Remodeling Contractor
  2. The Differences Between a Remodeling Company and a Remodeling Contractor
  3. The Similarities Between a House Remodeling Company and a General Remodeling Contractor
  4. The Biggest Reason to Prefer a Residential Remodeling Company Over a General Remodeling Contractor

The Definitions of a Remodeling Company and a Remodeling Contractor

In order to generate the clearest picture of the differences between home remodeling companies and general remodeling contractors, we must define each of these terms.

Home Remodeling Companies

A Cleveland Heights home remodeling company is a simple entity. It specializes in home remodeling and renovation by supplying all of the applicable design, construction, installation, and finishing services.

But what’s the difference between remodeling and renovating?


Renovating changes the main elements and aesthetics of a room. It does so by repairing or updating them to like-new condition without changing the overall purpose or even the layout. So, it usually involves replacing the cabinets of a kitchen, putting new flooring in the living room, switching the fixtures in the bathroom, etc. It may also include structural rebuilding in the event that the existing materials in the house are damaged and need to be removed.

However, renovating does not alter the main function of the space (like turning extra closet and bedroom space into a bathroom). Nor does it adjust the layout of the room (like adding an island with a sink to the kitchen). And because renovations are not as complex, they usually are not as expensive as remodeling projects. For this reason, they can actually offer a greater RIO than a remodel, depending on the project.


Conversely, remodeling makes more drastic modifications to the home. Such changes may include reconfiguring the appliances and water sources in the kitchen, putting a shower into a half-bath, tearing down a wall to create a master suite, or walling in a sunroom to expand the living room. Even if you’re just transforming a home office into a guest bedroom, you’re still remodeling because you’re amending the original purpose of the room.

What’s more, remodeling always requires permits, whereas renovations typically don’t need them. Therefore, the fact that remodeling is usually more expensive than renovating makes sense. However, remodeling is the best way to correct a poor home design. For example, a random room may interrupt the flow of the house. Or, the pipes for your kitchen may run through an exterior wall and always freeze during the winter. In these cases, remodeling is the only way to fix such design flaws.

Remodeling Company
Transitional Home Remodel

Full-Service Remodeling

So, again, Shaker Heights home remodeling companies provide you with all of these services. Additionally, a residential remodeling company takes you through every phase of the remodel. Even if you already have an idea of what you want, the proficient designers of a home remodeling company will work with you to plan and confirm the remodel design. They’ll discuss every last detail of the room with you to ascertain how much input you want to have. Then, they’ll source the materials and construct any custom-made pieces.

What’s more, they will carry out the demolition of the current space safely and effectively before rebuilding the room again. They will install every element, from the cabinetry, shelving, built-ins, etc., to flooring, lighting, tile, countertops, and more. And, they’ll achieve these steps up to code, budget, and schedule. They’ll prime and paint, too. And of course, they’ll add all the finishing touches, such as hardware and accessories. By the time they’re done, the room will be entirely ready to live in.

Therefore, a Hudson house remodeling company covers every square inch of the renovation or remodel and leaves you with nothing to worry about. And the best home remodeling companies do it all while providing:

  • constant communication
  • efficient agendas
  • exceptional knowledge and skill
  • the highest quality materials and installation methods
  • genuine care and consideration
  • the utmost professionalism

Basically, a Solon home remodeling company is a one-stop shop for your more substantial home improvement projects. And the right home remodeling company for you will get everything about your home remodel right.

General Remodeling Contractors

So, what are general remodeling contractors? Well, the term “remodeling contractor” is unofficial. Consequently, general remodeling contractors are general contractors, whether an individual or company, who focus on remodels. General contractors are managers of building, renovating, and remodeling projects. They are responsible to oversee a construction project, and they enter into the prime contract with the property owner.

The contract specifies what the general contractor will accomplish, which is usually the execution of a design they have received. After doing so, they work on the areas of the construction that they can handle according to their skill. For example, they probably have a background in framing and carpentry as well as some other aptitudes.

Then, if necessary, they may hire subcontractors to complete different parts of the project. For example, they’ll find someone to take care of the plumbing or the electricity. In fact, they may also enlist sub-subcontractors and suppliers as well before the job is done. So, they supervise all of the work, but they don’t necessarily do all of the work.

Additionally, general contractors may offer design-build services. This means that they will serve as the entity overseeing both the design and the construction of the project. General contractors offer design-build services that streamline communication and coordination in order to lower costs, minimize risks, and increase efficiency.

So, general contractors are project managers who deal with many different groups, including property owners. And because they have so much to deal with, it’s understandable that working with a general contractor can get complicated.

The Differences Between a Remodeling Company and a Remodeling Contractor

The definitions of a home remodeling company and a general remodeling contractor suggest that working with one over the other will result in a unique remodel experience. However, you can better gauge what your exact experience with each would be like by learning about the differences between a residential remodeling company and a general remodeling contractor. These differences include:

1. A house remodeling company is a branded and recognizable company.

A Twinsburg house remodeling company is not just someone with a truck and a toolbelt. Rather, it’s an established organization of talented, time-tested people. Such an organization has:

  • a logo
  • branded materials
  • a website
  • an online presence
  • a showroom
  • materials
  • vendors
  • all of the necessary tools and equipment

And the best residential remodeling companies also have a long history filled with publications, awards, certifications, active industry group memberships, and community sponsorship.

Some general contracting companies are branded and recognizable as well. But others are simply someone with a truck. They might have a company name on the truck, but they build their reputations on word of mouth more than anything else.

These general contractors may work alone or with one other person. They may also have limited availability during the day for communication and appointments due to the fact that they’ll be working on projects. So, you won’t get a lot of customer service from them. Nor will you be able to research their past work, their reviews, their product selections, or other aspects of their business very well.

And honestly, when you can’t learn a lot about a general contractor’s background, working with them is a gamble. But working with a firmly established residential remodeling company gives you the chance to guarantee that your remodel team has plenty of knowledge, experience, resources, relationships, and success inside and outside of the industry.

2. Full-service remodeling companies consist of elite teams of highly trained workers.

Like all good-sized businesses, a full-service remodeling company in Aurora has a hierarchy of leadership that generally puts the most experienced, educated, and enduring team members at the top. For example, the principal of the firm may be a multi-generation remodeler who is intensely passionate and well-versed in a wide variety of relevant terms and techniques.

Their second in command is someone they know well and with whom they have a great working relationship due in part to the fact that the head believes in their second’s competence and capabilities. The skills among the supervisors of remodeling companies are undoubtedly significant to the projects. Therefore, this foundation of management can make for a very successful company. 

But equally important are the abilities of the individuals comprising the rest of the company. These people will be directly interacting with your remodel. In fact, they will literally be getting their hands dirty to get the job done. Consequently, the lower-level employees of a residential remodeling company must also be as cultivated and qualified as possible.

The Best Home Remodeling Teams Have Decades of Training Between Them

So, at the best home remodeling companies in Beachwood, the team members are cross-trained in all the different systems. Furthermore, they complete drug tests and background checks to prove how safe and reliable they can be. Finally, they are also world-class professionals who are always eager to serve clients at the highest level.

Therefore, if you go with a one-person general remodeling contract show, you are greatly limiting the number of remodeling suggestions and solutions available to you. With some general remodeling contractors, their own skillsets are shallow. So, if they need to hire a subcontractor for a specific job that they can’t do, a general contractor might choose someone with a lower price tag rather than a higher skill level in order to save money. But of course, the sacrifice of quality is risky. By working with home remodeling companies, you get the proficiency you need at your price point.

3. Remodeling companies afford conveniently accessible industry expertise.

Full-service remodeling companies in University Heights also employ industry experts who address their areas of the project with total knowledge and adeptness. These individuals are the wizards of their trade. Understandably, having them on hand is extremely handy if and when the remodeling process gets complicated. Because they know what they’re doing and they’re already working on the project, these experts can finish their tasks faster and better while forecasting and fending off future issues.

What’s more, remodeling companies like Capozzi Design Build have professional designation and accreditations as well as certified specialists on staff. For example, Anne Capozzi, the principal of the firm, is a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), and a Certified Living In Place Specialist (CLIPP). These credentials confirm that Capozzi Design has all of the education and training they need to diagnose, solve, predict, and prevent any current or coming issues with your home.

Remodeling Company
Anne Capozzi of Capozzi Design Build

Again, the capabilities of a general contractor are, as the name implies, more general. Their experience is more spread out. So, if they ever need a real expert, then they once again must find and subcontract that individual. Doing so takes more time and money.

4. Residential remodeling companies are licensed, bonded, and insured for the specific work they do in your home.

Because a Macedonia house remodeling company attends to every part of your remodel project themselves by relying upon their in-house specialists, they have the proper licenses and sufficient insurance for all of the work their specialists do. Securing and retaining the right insurance policies for their different capacities is not cheap. However, good home remodeling companies in Willoughby Hills commit to maintaining full coverage for all of their trades.

Unfortunately, a lot of house renovation contractors only buy insurance that meets the minimum state law requirements, and many of these policies are full of exclusions. What’s more, some general contractors only buy a policy so they can produce the certificate when asked, but they let the actual policy lapse.

The right people for your home remodel will do whatever it takes to protect you and your home in case of an accident or accidental damage. And those people are home remodeling companies like Capozzi Design Build.

5. Full-service remodeling companies focus on your remodel until they finish it.

Again, general contractors are project managers, and often, they are managing multiple projects at once. Especially if the house renovation contractor consists of just one person or a small group of people, you’ll find that they are usually juggling a handful of distinct contracts in order to be profitable. Unfortunately, the other projects pulling general contractors in all different directions will pull them away from your project at times. As a result, your project could take longer and cost more money.

Full-service remodeling companies in Pepper Pike avoid this problem by assigning a team of people to your project and making your project their sole responsibility. They dedicate all of their time and attention to your remodel so that they can conclude it as swiftly as possible.

Another advantage of this devotion is the fact that communication with a full-service remodeling company is fast and easy. Some hold long weekday hours and are also available on weekends. What’s more, they supply you with several ways of reaching them via communication technology. Therefore, you can check in on your project, get the latest updates, and know the status of the timeline on your schedule, not someone else’s.

The best residential remodeling company for you will always be ready to provide solutions so they can keep your project on track. Furthermore, they will care about your needs and concerns more than anything else, so they will do everything necessary to keep you satisfied. That way, your remodel will be a great value and generate maximum ROI.

6. A home remodeling and renovation company is a master at project management.

So, as established, general contractors aren’t necessarily authorities in all areas of construction. But because they are project managers, you might assume that hiring a general contractor is the best way to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. And while it is true that some general contractors are up to the task, they do not have a monopoly on efficacious project management.

In fact, full-service remodeling companies are just as good at project management, if not better. Full-service remodelers also handle a large number of projects, so they have tried and proven systems in place for finishing projects quickly while maintaining quality. They also have devoted project managers who constantly inspect the project to keep the remodel on track while avoiding rework.

If anything goes wrong, a residential remodeling company can call on their backup personal to address it immediately so that the original team can continue moving forward. Whereas, a general contractor might have to fix the problem himself, convince the old subcontractor to fix the issue, or find a new subcontractor to correct the work of the old subcontractor. Either way, waiting for a general contractor to get the crisis under control takes time. And the longer your remodel lasts, the less you want to wait.

The Similarities Between a House Remodeling Company and a General Remodeling Contractor

With so many differences between them, home remodeling companies and general remodeling contractors are definitely in distinct categories. However, they do have a few things in common.

First of all, both home remodeling companies and general remodeling contractors can source the design of a project from several places, such as the clients themselves, in-house designers, and interior designers. General contractors are more likely to look to clients and interior designers to produce project designs due to the fact that they don’t usually specialize in design the way home remodeling companies do. However, home remodeling companies are also completely open to these collaborations.

Secondly, both home remodeling companies and general remodeling contractors have the ability to renovate or remodel your home. You can get a finished product with each. And you can probably get a finished project you love with each. But the process of getting to that finished project can vary greatly depending on whom you hire. If you want to work with just one team of entirely practiced and dexterous pros who will administer every phase of your remodel with the most beneficial combination of high speed and high standards, then you must choose a house remodeling company.

The Biggest Reason to Prefer a Residential Remodeling Company Over a General Remodeling Contractor

One last reason to entrust your remodel to a residential remodeling company is the fact that home remodeling companies prioritize client relationships.

While a full-service remodeling company would love for you to reward them with good words and referrals, they prize your satisfaction more than anything. And they plan to secure it with an extraordinary customer experience that evidences all the care and concern they feel for you and your home.

They don’t want you to have to hunt from another remodeling company every time you need work done in your home. And they certainly don’t want you to encounter poor quality, project delays, bad communication, or any other mark of unprofessionalism during your remodel.

Instead, they want to nurture a lasting connection with you so that you know, like, and trust them more than anyone else.

Working with Home Remodeling Company Capozzi Design Build

One residential remodeling company that deeply values its clients is Capozzi Design Build. Capozzi Design checks all of the boxes of a top-notch remodeling company:

  • Third generation remodeling specialist with more than 25 years in the business
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Professional designations and accreditations
  • Work published in a national publication
  • Certified kitchen design specialist on staff
  • Rigorously trained team members who undergo drug tests and background checks
  • Award-winning showroom
  • Long weekday and weekend hours during which they are easily accessible via communication technology
  • Floor protection and HEP filtration used during demolition
  • Active members of NARI and participants of other local organizations, groups, and community organizations and events
  • A fully backed 2-year Workmanship Warranty

Based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Capozzi Design is a home remodeling company like no other, and we are certainly not like any general remodeling contractor. Our Capozzi team offers a wide range of products, services, and materials for projects that vary greatly in size and budget. And our clients consider us the best remodeling company in the area. But we want you to be certain that we’re the best remodeling company for you before you work with us. So, contact Capozzi Design today to learn more about the Capozzi difference.