Does coming home calm and comfort you because you love your house? Or does anxiety or annoyance with your house weigh you down as you cross the threshold? Your house should be your escape from a world of problems: it shouldn’t be a source of problems. So, if your house is distressing or disappointing, it needs to change. Specifically, it requires help from home remodeling companies. Home remodeling companies can transform your troublesome house into your perfect home by fixing all the frustrating issues. Then, you can adore your home again! But if you’re still wondering, “Why remodel your home?”, check out this list of 10 reasons to work with home remodeling companies.


Why Remodel Your Home? Top 10 Benefits of Working with Home Remodeling Companies

1. Home Remodeling Companies Restore Your Home’s Safety

We love older homes for their beauty and character. But we don’t love their deteriorating materials and potentially harmful substances. For example, older homes (or poorly made homes) are sometimes plagued by the following hazards:

  • Asbestos, which can cause various cancers as well as diseases like pleuritis, asbestosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Holes or cracks in the walls, which can threaten the structural integrity of the house
  • Lead pipes or run-down plumbing, which can cause lead poisoning. Side effects of lead poisoning can include anemia, behavioral disorders, comas, convulsions, hypertension, immunotoxicity, mental retardation, renal impairment, toxicity to the reproductive organs, and even death in children
  • Lead paint or chipping paint, which can also cause lead poisoning
  • Mold, which can make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma, and can also irritate your eyes, nose, lungs, skin, and throat
  • Pest infestations, which can inflict diseases like dengue fever, Lyme disease, malaria, rabies, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, salmonella, strep, and more, as well as intensify allergies and potentially expose people to venom
  • Weak or broken flooring such as warping wood floors, detached tiles, and peeling laminate, which can inhibit safely moving through the house

If your house has any of these issues currently or is likely to develop them eventually, remodeling your house as soon as possible is the best thing that you can do for the health of your family. And when you permit professional home remodeling companies to manage your home’s makeover, you can trust that your house will be entirely safe and sound when they’re done.

2. Home Remodeling Companies Improve Your House’s Functionality

Every room in your house has potential. But sometimes, poor design, a lack of space, or changing family needs prevent certain rooms from reaching their full potential. In these cases, a home refresh would enable each room to meet the exact specifications of your living requirements.

Say you want to achieve a fully communal atmosphere among the more frequented rooms in your house. To do so, you could use whole house remodeling to knock down a wall to create an open concept living room, dining room, and kitchen. If you need an additional full bathroom, you could expand a half or three-quarters bathroom with a shower or tub during bathroom remodeling. Need just one more half bath? Then you could carve one out of an unused corner or closet.

To stretch the amount of living space in your home, you could generate a room addition by walling in a sunroom or finishing your basement. If your home office needs to pull its weight better now that you work from home more often, then you could insert useful shelving and built-ins with home office remodeling.

Finally, with kitchen remodeling, you could shift your kitchen into a new layout and outfit it with new features so that you actually want to cook more often. With professional home remodeling companies helming these projects for you, you can repurpose your living space to fit your lifestyle.  

Mult-tasking kitchen sink

3. Home Remodeling Companies Increase Your Home’s Efficiency

When new home technology comes on the scene, it’s not always the most efficient. But as time passes, people reveal better ways make the tools and appliances we use in our homes. As a result, these items become more energy-efficient, and installing them in your home becomes more economical.

If your home contains aged windows and doors or outmoded appliances, then living in your house is costing you more than it needs to. Drafty windows and doors leak air. This in turn forces your heating and cooling systems to work harder and rack up higher utility bills for you.

Furthermore, outdated appliances consume more energy than new, energy-efficient models, so they also act as money sucks. Replacing them with recent energy-saving versions empowers you to reduce your cost of living. It also helps you do your part to preserve our planet!

Consequently, despite the fact that you’ll incur costs upfront by renovating with the help of a home remodeling company, you’ll be doing what’s better for your planet and your wallet in the long run. And the best home remodeling companies can even infuse your remodel with green home design by relying on eco-friendly materials and processes to streamline your systems.

4. A Home Remodeling Company Upgrades Your House with More Modernization

Not every new house boasts all the latest bells and whistles. But most older houses are devoid of them all together. And if you’re living in such a house, you may feel stuck in the stone age.

But thankfully, you can pass the present and enter the future with home remodeling services from home remodeling companies.

A home remodeling company can modernize your house by:

  • Adding a security system, a smart doorbell, and smart locks
  • Building a coffee station around your smart kettle or pod machine
  • Installing an app-controlled smart thermostat
  • Opting for longer lasting LEDS or app-controlled smart lightbulbs
  • Replacing standard sockets with mixed sockets presenting both a plug and a USB outlet
  • Swapping your old appliances out for hi-tech refrigerators, smart dishwashers, and smart washing machines
  • Strengthening your electrical system to better accommodate high-speed internet cables, home automation, home security systems, virtual assistants, and other smart devices

Welcoming cutting-edge innovations into your home won’t allow robots to run your life. Instead, it will simply eliminate unnecessary stresses from your day-to-day.

Green laminate cabinets lit from within.

5. Home Remodeling Companies Help You Amplify Your Self-Expression

Owning a home means having a place on earth that’s all about you. So, to make sure that you feel fully self-actualized in your home, every inch of it should reflect your style and personality as much as possible. Therefore, if your house harbors décor or designs that don’t satisfy you and may even repulse you, then remodeling these spaces is absolutely justifiable.

A home remodel facilitates the ideal opportunity to match the style of your home to your specific aesthetic preferences. And when you work with a home remodeling company that is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in design and even possesses qualifications such as a CKD (certified kitchen designer), you’re guaranteed to discover the most unique and creative ways to express yourself through your home.

Tailoring each room to your specific tastes permits you to attain more peace and satisfaction at home. So, do you loathe a certain place in your house? Then allow a home remodeling company to turn it into something you love!

Custom cabinet trim

6. Home Remodeling Companies Extend Your Home’s Lifespan

Mending the dilapidated parts of your house doesn’t just make your home safer. Doing so also helps your house last longer.

Most building materials can only endure for so long. Consequently, you have to repair or replace them after a number of years. Therefore, if you plan to live in your current home indefinitely, then remodeling lets you give your house some TLC now so that it will still be standing strong later.

With the assistance of a home remodeling company, you can rejuvenate the structure of your house and reduce the amount of maintenance it requires. In fact, some home remodeling companies are so skilled that their work turns the clock back for your house and equips it to last for years to come.

7. A Home Remodeling Company Enhances the Comfort of Your House

Are some rooms in your house so impractical that you never use them? Or are some so frequented that they’re wearing out faster than the rest of your house?

A house that doesn’t offer you enough sensible dwelling spaces is limiting your comfort levels. As a result, your home isn’t the restful retreat you desire.

But when you work with home remodeling companies to overhaul your house, they can show you how to redistribute the responsibilities of each room so as to refine your living conditions. For instance, you can generate more space by removing walls or doorways and inserting more storage with built-ins, closets, cabinetry, or half baths.

Taking the luxuriousness of your house up a notch lets you maximize the tranquility you relish there. And a design-build home remodeling company knows a host of ways to make your house feel more like home.

8. Home Remodeling Companies Add to Your Home’s Property Value

Remodeling the house that you’d like to live in for the rest of your life guarantees you’re always happy with that house. On the other hand, remodeling a house you’d like to sell sometime soon ensures that someone else will be happy with it.

Calling on a home remodeling company to update your house however necessary entitles you to push up your house’s property value considerably. And when your house’s property value goes up, your asking price can go up with it.

Why Remodel Your Home? Higher Home Price

Home remodeling can raise your property value in several ways.

First, a recent remodel proves that you’ve cared for the house and kept it in good shape. The more problematic your house is, the less interested potential buyers will be. People don’t want a house full of unresolved issues. Thankfully, remodeling addresses any unsightly little details like peeling paint, cracked walls, broken trim, difficult doors, discolored drains, leaky faucets, rusty sinks, etc. In the final stages of a remodel, the best home remodeling companies always repaint walls, patch up holes, replace trim, and take steps to get rid of mold, rust, discoloration, and any other signs of wear and tear.

Next, home remodeling also provides you with the chance to swap undesirable features out for more universally appealing ones. Kitchen cabinets, the kitchen backsplash, bathroom tiling, the bathroom vanity, the color of the walls, and the texture of the ceilings are all aspects of your home that may represent your tastes or those of a previous owner so much that prospective buyers can’t see themselves in your house. For this reason, you’ll want to neutralize these particulars before putting your house on the market.

Finally, remodeling sets your house up to attract all kinds of buyers by implementing living in place home modifications. Living in place home modifications make houses safer and easier for residents of all ages and abilities to use with upgrades like ramps and handrails, widened doorways, walk-in showers, slip-resistant flooring, additional lighting, smart appliances, and more.

Professional Home Remodelers Prevent You from Wasting Money

You may conclude that the more remodeling you do, the more offers you’ll receive on your house. However, a good home remodeling company will tell you that not every change will impact your ROI. Then, they’ll point you toward the most lucrative home remodeling projects so that you don’t waste time or money. Better yet, good home remodeling companies help you stay within budget and enrich your house with renovations that will please future buyers.

9. Home Remodeling Companies Prepare Your House for Retirement

Another reason to remodel your forever home is the fact that home remodeling companies can see to it that you and your house have everything you need to grow old together. How? With aging in place home modifications.

While you may still be able to use your whole house now, age will eventually restrict your abilities and, with them, your access to certain parts of your house. Therefore, you should prepare for the inevitable setbacks of accumulated years by having a home remodeling company make aging in place home modifications now.  

A home remodeling company with a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) knows how to preserve your independence with aging in place home modifications such as:

  • Grab-bars
  • Lever-style doorknobs
  • Ramps
  • Varied kitchen countertop heights
  • No-threshold walk-in showers
  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • Rocker-style light switches
  • Vanities with under-sink clearance
  • Built-ins

When a home remodeling company adapts your house to the next stage of your life, your relationship with your home doesn’t have to end any sooner than you want it to.  

10. Home Remodeling Companies Prevent Relocation

If your house has flaws that you just can’t see past, you might think moving is your only option. But home remodeling can actually eradicate your housing woes with much less hassle!

As you know, buying another house is a headache-inducing process. You have to sink so much time and effort into working with a realtor, combing the market, touring houses, negotiating prices, closing on the new house, and then (finally!) moving. And checking off that last step can take almost as long as the other steps.  

However, when you partner with the right home remodeling company, you can enjoy your fresh new space in a matter of weeks. And you only have to clear out the parts of the house that you’re renovating!

So, with home remodeling, you can avoid home shopping stress and home moving costs. Better yet, you can have a better future in your current house.

Why Remodel Your Home: The Final Benefit of Hiring Home Remodeling Companies

Clearly, the advantages of home remodeling include a safer, smarter, more efficient, more comfortable, and more valuable house. But one other big reason to enlist the best home remodeling companies for your home renovation is the fact that when you do, home remodeling can be pretty pleasant and even fun.  

At Capozzi Design Build, our clients are our family, so we’re as invested in the success of your remodel as you are. And we want you to love every step of the process from day one. We put our all into each of our projects, and our well-seasoned team always displays the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, safety, quality, and design abilities. We’re excited to give you your dream home and have a great time doing it. Learn more about our home remodeling services today, or contact us to start remodeling your home!