I am truly pleased with my kitchen, bathroom and laundry remodel — the results exceed my dreams. I walk into the spaces weeks later and still cannot believe they are mine. As a recent first time visitor to my home walked from the living room to the dining room, he asked if I minded if he looked into the kitchen. As he looked around, he said – “this is spectacular.”

It is a pleasure to share my experience with Anne Capozzi and the Capozzi Design Build team. Anne provided guidance as I made choices, although at no time did I feel pressured to force her views when we differed. Throughout the project Anne and her staff maintained communication with me as well as with the various trades people to keep the project on track. I knew when workers would be in my home, what would be occurring, and was consulted when decisions needed to be made on placement of outlets, handles, etc.

Throughout the project, the CDB team cleaned all areas at the end of each day, informed me when they would be returning, and what if any restrictions there were on the work in process. The entire staff was polite, introduced themselves when they arrived, and showed respect for me, my home and my things.

When there were delays, Capozzi staff were able to explain changes in the sequencing of work and step in to work on other aspects of the project to minimize delay. All three projects were being completed simultaneously so when there was a delay in one area, the team was often able to work in the other areas.

I am well satisfied with the professionalism of Capozzi Design Build and highly recommend them to anyone interested in a kitchen or bathroom remodel.